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    Lamborghini V12 Engine in a Fiat 500

    that looks a bit mad hahaha
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    yup, I'm happy at the moment with the power, want to focus more on the handling side first. Had the droplinks and the ARB bushes upgraded over the weekend and what a difference. Lovely quick turn in and feels alot more stable.
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    thanks, looking to get the ARB droplinks and bushes upgraded (powerflex) and then a coilover/aftermarket damper and springs setup. Should keep be happy for a short while lol before the next upgrades.
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    thanks for the welcomes! spec list -Mugen intake, manifold and twinloop exhaust -Full Hardrace bush kit -Dixcel M pads and HS discs brake setup pics: :))
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    Strippers - Cars for Cash

    their talking :lol: terrible! not bad show though, watched it all :))
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    Paul J Smith Photography - FD2 Civic Type R

    nice pics, love the mugen gauges!
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    Speedhunters Article - Kanjo Tribe. Well worth a read

    interesting article about Kanjos and vids :nice:
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    Bass video ridiculous!!

    thats a bit mad :confused:
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    Hi, new user from dc2 forum. Been checking out this forum for a while but thought I better post some threads :D Currently driving a UKDM Milano Red DC2 with mugen goodies on thanks