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  1. Rich777
    Selling up ;( ...
  2. Rich777
    Selling up..
  3. Kuba
    Kuba xxxencorexxx
    Hello, do you have Genuine Ek9 Heater Vents , Aem Short Arm Intake, Ek Coupe Full Powerflow Exhaust System?
    1. xxxencorexxx
      Nov 8, 2017
  4. Kuba
    Kuba DV8
    Hello, do you still have shift knob ek9?
  5. Christoph Schmidt
    Christoph Schmidt
    Honda Civic - Type R - EK9
  6. karnal.west
    iKambyo mo.!!!
  7. Ek3_Civic_VTI
    Ek3_Civic_VTI EkCivic90
    well look up a site called all4honda they have the seeker v2. hope this helps
  8. Htech
    Htech ColbyCol
    Hi mate do you have a ek9 steering rack by any chance? Cheers
  9. Ek9lp
    Was gifted an EK9 and it as turned to a project car
  10. Ginger Panda
    Ginger Panda Ellis
    Have set of b16b cams, springs and retainer and pulleys if your interested?
  11. argel24
  12. kenbert
  13. zainal
    automotive enthusiast
  14. artik92
    artik92 xxxencorexxx
    Hai, have you genuine spoon N1 exhaust ?
    For my honda civic ek3 (hatchback) 1996
    1. xxxencorexxx
      Hi sorry i dont unfortunately.
      Aug 14, 2017
  15. CTR996
    CTR996 oscarsayco
    Hi, I just imported a JDM FK2 type r and I have a question about the ecu speed cut that I cannot seem to get help on. Do you think you can help?

    If I swap it with the UK spec ecu, would that 'convert' the car so to speak and enable speeds above 180km/h?
  16. Leddyek9
    Leddyek9 Prodrive
    Hi mate, callipers still for sale? Pm or text me on 07816075988
  17. Andrew B
    Andrew B George Wake
    Hello George,

    My email is:

    Thank you
  18. Karolis9110
  19. Jdm stevo
    Jdm stevo Vtec6000
    Hi hows things i never got a car remapped before so just looking for info and was told your the man to talk to.. i have to remap it as soon as.. engine is still out but just need to put the head on the block and torque it its a high comp build.. can u help me..
  20. Rudi
    Rudi jesse888
    Just want to Hi... I'm new here
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    2. jesse888
      Only just seen this. Hi!
      Introduce yourself on the forum
      Jun 27, 2017