Update on H-swap EK

Took some more photos:nice:





So just gottta get the rotors skim as well clear whatever had my brake line blocked.

• ABS module as been deleted (wasnt to really keen on it but my buddy assured me on it) so gonna be doing some scenario testing on both dry/wet road conditions inregards to sudden stops cause people here on my island be pulling some very dumb stunts.:megusta:

• Gonna finally change the oil, oil filter and spark plugs just for heck sake. Distributer was giving issues so my brodie change it out and placed in a manual one in for me and its reading well.

Looking to tune but not sure if i'm gonna do it at the very moment. Mostly worry about buttoning up interior and other stuff like my security system back in, dashcam wired in (because people who causes the accident be lying majority of the time and most of the police officers here have a low IQ and video evidence is more better than word lol). Have my A/C lines made so i can get that oh so coldness for when it either hot and dusty or humid and rainy. The last thing is to respray and then ceramic coat the body, rims, rotors etc and get retint and unsuspend my plates and i shall be back on road.