My EK4 w/B18c6 from Denmark

Some new pics.

New carbon parts..:bow:

From DHB2011 (DenmarksFastestCar2011)
Came out with 6th place in the FWD Outlaw class.





Semi final, against a Mini with a B20 VTEC swap.. (He runs high 12s) My best is 13,223
DHB 2011 0013.MOD - YouTube
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still 240hp setup? Cause 13,2 is a very good time for N/A done not on a dragstrip.
Yes, its still almost same setup as i started out with.
Im very satisfied with my low 13s in a dd, and on a unprebt strip :) With Toyo R888 i can get 13.4s (runing these as street tires)

Think i have 50-100 rpms left in 4th gear when hitting the 1/4mile trap.
Got a 4,929 final drive/Quaife Lsd in a stock B16a2 s4c gearbox. Vmax=217 km/h with 15" 195/50 :)

But im having it retuned this spring. The camgears are still at 0-0, ive made some changes on the catback.. and on the Im, so im hoping to be able to make me a 12,999 in 2012 hehe...
I've got your point :) My question was about strict mechanical (engine) mods. Now i know everything, thank you.