Eg6 B16b


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Sep 7, 2022
Eg6 B16b swap currently turbo might go back suppercharged
94 civic vx B16b with LS Trans m factory LSD, kraftwerks suppercharger on 750cc grams running Hondata S300

Anyway that's the short list, or what I'm willing to admit to! It's been a supper fun car and recently I went turbo, it's making 478 turbo and the supercharger made 312 and 200 ft lbs and with all honesty the Turbo is everything the blower is not and vise versus. With my spirited driving for normal highway speeds the blower with the car Trans is where it's at! Now if you want to go fast like 110 mph plus then the turbo is 4 your. I've run the both at The Ridge witch is a road course where I'm from and the blower hands down is faster by a whole 15 sec a lap now if 1/4 mile is 4 you then turbo is what you want. The turbo put down a 11.5 and the blower only a 13.8 if your onto bracket racing then blower is way more consistent you don't have to worry about grabbing 3rd to low and falling out of boost completely. And that socks when you sit and watch the guy in the opposite lane drive out of your life! Anyway the only draw back is the displacement at 1.6 L it won't spool a 47.7 mm turbin till 5300 but anything after that is a party


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Oct 11, 2013
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The colour reminds me of Hectors civic :))

Bit of advise, given seen all your posts - try not to bump threads from like 8 years ago, its rather unlikely the same people are still on the forum