1. Adamek4sir

    My new 2000 ek4 sir 2 jdm import

    Bought this gem recently Honda civic Ek4 sir ii Every factory extra Modulo sideskirts wheels and exhaust (honda optional factory extras Only 140000km 2nd owner in Ireland Mint condition inside n out
  2. Samin

    A Toyota Fanboy Breaking Bad.

    Hi! I've always been a Toyota fan and over the years I've tasted many of the wonderful flavours they come in. I've currently settled for a Supra and a Soarer but the dark side of me has always longed for a Honda. After submitting to the darkness, hell was unleashed on my driveway in the form...
  3. Miguel16

    Swap shifter

    Hello! I' ve already searched everywhere for an alternative to the typical dc5/rsx or aftermarket shifter and cables option, and didn't found any solid information. Does anyone knows if the accord Cl7 or Hr-v shifter and cables will work, on a Civic ek with k20a2 gearbox? Best Regards
  4. balut

    Post & comment our laps at the Nurburgring Nordscheife

    Hi everybody! Last summer I spent my vacations at the Nurburgring with my EG6 K20, here you have a recorded lap, if you have been there too it would be great to share all the videos and discuss and talk about the driving, specs of each car, time laps... Here you have my 8:10:
  5. L

    k20 REDline SOUND! lets talk about k20aR

    well guys recently I was asking to myself why the k20As engines with or without boost take a little difference in the redline/ revlimiter sound..? I will post a video here about 2 sound to compare and explain (if you know) what's the real reason... thanks and greettings from VENEZUELA.. :woot...
  6. si8pny

    Si8pny's EK4 K20 >>

    Ok here is a basic build up of the civic so far, this is how it looked when i got it then i lowered it on jamex springs and fitted ek9 lips then came the D2 coilovers picked up a mint set of leather recaros fitted...