1. funkybeard.outlaw

    Greetings from Italy

    Hey everyone, my name is Giulio and I'm from Italy, I do a bit of photography and design for fun, I also play bass when I've got some free time. I've been a huge Honda fan since the Gran Turismo 3/4 days (90% of my taste in cars was shaped by those games), my first car was a Honda Logo and...
  2. R

    ek9 parts into a ek1

    Car: 3door 97 ek1 cxi Hey guys pretty new to this forum but i have a few questions! sorry if i have posted in the wrong forum but i have some questions regarding the body parts! I am wondering if i can fit ek9 front bumper and rear bumper into my ek1 and since it is 96-98 that means i can...