ej9 preject

  1. R

    Soon-to-be one colour

    Here’s my 96 EJ9, I’ve done a facelift conversion. It’s going in to be painted in the next few weeks, just repainted the wheels in Championship White and fitted new Toyos! Coilovers etc to come, if anyone is interested in following how I get on my instagram is @rocketingricer
  2. C

    D14Z2 Swap to D16Z6

    Hi Guys, I am looking to swap my engine, I have a pre facelift Honda civic Ej9 and would like to know what I will need, i'll have the engine, gearbox, and driveshafts, but other than that I have nothing, can anyone give me a list of what I will need and some prices if possible, I want to keep...
  3. GavinEJ9

    Hello all

    Hi guys newbie hear. My name is Gavin I live in the UK. Recently bought a EJ9 1.4i have lots of plans for the girl. Looking forward to getting stuck in with you lot. Going to be trawling the threads, to try and answere a few questions rather than commiting a sin by just post a new thread...