1. P

    Dc2/ek9 rear hubs on mb6?

    Hi! I just wonder if its a straight swap to 5x114.3 rear hubs from Dc2/ek9 on a mb6/mc2? I know that the mb6/mc2 have a longer tap ( dont know How long? ) But do dc2/ek9 olso have that? I have put mb6 front and rear big brake kit on my Honda ej6 and want to 5 stud convert them.
  2. K

    B16a2 swap error code 14 - Help?

    Hi, my engines in and running but I have a flash code of 14 that I believe to be the EACV, I also have a completely standard perfectly running ek4 so I swapped the EACV’s over and I still have the error code and the ek4 runs perfectly fine! So I’m guessing it’s a wiring issue, just wondered if...
  3. E


    Hello newbie too all this and aint a mechanic, but I want to transform my 1.4 ej9 auto to manual. does anyone know how hard this will be. is there a forum anywhere? can't I just a manual transmission from a 1.4 and sort of plug n play?
  4. Samin

    A Toyota Fanboy Breaking Bad.

    Hi! I've always been a Toyota fan and over the years I've tasted many of the wonderful flavours they come in. I've currently settled for a Supra and a Soarer but the dark side of me has always longed for a Honda. After submitting to the darkness, hell was unleashed on my driveway in the form...