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    My EK9.... take 2

    This car is a credit to you mate Looks great! I am set for JDM EP3 seats for similar reasons to you
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    Ek9 Turbo

    Nice! I’m just outside Bridgwater. Have to have a little meet up sometime!
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    Ek9 Turbo

    Wow, this is some build!! You could be local to me? Think this car was at JDM Regiment?
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    DM's EK9

    This looks the nuts
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    Slight knock when lifting off throttle

    Torque mounts?
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    Slight knock when lifting off throttle

    As above can only hear it when in 1st and 2nd seems a slight delay once the throttle is off? Was thinking maybe a mount or something? But it would be like it all the time? Standard EK9 with B16B! Thanks in advance.
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    EK9 Centre Bore Size

    Just wondering if anyone knows centre bore size on an EK9, looking at getting some Rays and need to get a suitable spigot ring. Cheers.
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    Yakushi Show

    Any body on here interested in heading to Yakushi on 13, 14 & 15th of September, in Towcester. Could maybe get a club pitch?
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    My EK9 from the Isle of Man

    Looks a very clean 9 that mate