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    My EK9.... take 2

    Great build up and nice attention to detail, I gave up looking for a ek9 back in 2014 so I imported a FL dc5 threw torque got and it's done 2k miles since owning it lol garage queen is a understatement but it shows how clean they stay not being drove on UK salted or wet roads. Keep up the good work
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    Any og's still on here?

    I need this out asap lol anyone doing any track days?
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    Any og's still on here?

    Ideas on what we can do for revival, I've a dc5 that will be getting a full rebuild if anyone is interested and show my s2000
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    Any og's still on here?

    Let's try get it back again lol I don't own a ek at all anymore but I do have another dc2 shell sitting so who knows I might come out of retirement and build it. I'm very much a k swap the world kinda guy now lol
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    Any og's still on here?

    Never got to own a ek9 but the forum loved the dc2 build and everyone was always helpful the fb forums are just so bitchy these days and every car is the same. I'll maybe try to check in more and post up a few things. When this virus is over I'll try post things and maybe show a few track day...
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    Any og's still on here?

    Yeah I miss this place I learned so much, building the dc2 and the reactions it got at the time was great, know one was really building high comp cars at that stage, think I've another big build in me again before I retire lol
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    Any og's still on here?

    Your right there mate
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    Any og's still on here?

    Think I joined in 2007/8 time so a long time ago lol still have the vtec bug don't think it ever leaves tbh haha never had a ek9 although I originally went to import one threw torque gt but we just couldn't find one that I felt was clean enough for the money. Ended up with a facelift dc5 that's...
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    Any og's still on here?

    Haven't been on this forum in years and years, kinda forgot about it all tbh and with fb things change. Just wondering if anyone still uses it the way we used to? Ive bought and sold alot if Honda's since I last was on here with my high comp dc2, I've a s2000 race car and facelift dc5 aswell as...
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    Si's EP3 - 2016 Updates

    Remember you posting about the dc2 looked really clean,unfortunate on the problems your having but I'm sure you'll get a break for a little while until something else happens same as us all haha as for the intake looks awsome but the small pipe from intake to rocker cover I'd delete and run a...
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    liquid yellow jrsc ep3

    Colour doesn't suit the car at all IMO far rather a jdm ep3 than that
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    Advice on dc5 please!!!

    I have a dc5, can't comment on the top mount as mine doesn't have this problem,but if a track rod end/top mount is all that's required I wouldn't worry to much. You'll no by driving it if there's something more to it. Main checks are the same as the older Hondas,check rear arches,boot...
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    4.7 vs 4.9 FD in a S80

    4.9 to short for any motorway runs, my built box was a nite are on motorway will a full js racing exhaust haha
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    civic or st ?

    sell the **** t and buy a nice diesel as said far better idea then make the civic a beast
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    rust starting on arches :(

    Wire wheel won't be enough,a Dremel and wheel is best for diy job but ull never get rid of it all. Place online is cheap for civic rear arches