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    Genuine Honda distributor TD87-u

    You know you can change out the guts? Ignitor, coil etc?
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    JohnTurbo's EJ9 B18C4 Shed

    With a baby on the way I needed to drop a car and it had to be the Civic (despite being my favourite of the 4!). Sold to a nice chap from near London. Dropping my final part Excel in here in case its helpful for the new owner. Date Description Source Cost TOTAL COST 18-Nov-20 Civic...
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    JohnTurbo's EJ9 B18C4 Shed

    3D printed one of my purpose designed "velocity stacks" Its got an 80mm attachment and a 2.13 ratio elliptical bell-mouth extending to 6". Made really good torque on my old B18C as it improves cylinder filling. Here's it fitted with a 6" diameter...
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    B18C Rebuild advice

    PCT pistons give ~12.5 IIRC CR in an B18C - because of the longer stroke. Just make sure you use the figures for the 18C not 16A/B. I imagine 11.7 would be fine, but I'm not an expert on that. Is there any documentation relating to your chosen CAMS? John
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    B18C Rebuild advice

    Cams and an increase in compression need to go hand in hand to get the full effect. 215bhp from a skim and cams is a bit of an ask. "high comp valves" are not worth it. I expect you'd be ok on stock valves with those cams too. Titanium retainers are not needed unless you're trying to rev to the...
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    Got the rear bumper off...

    Nothing there that would fail an MOT. Those RTA bushes are in "ok" condition. You should see a bad one! Rust very minor surface rust. If you did have a rear bar it would be rusted through and gone by now. It being gone - not an MOT issue.
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    JohnTurbo's EJ9 B18C4 Shed

    Had a trackday at Oulton, but cus the weather was good I took the kitcar. But then back to the Civic. Never been visible smoke from my B18C4, but it does use a bit in VTEC. I had a new headgasket and some valve stem seals, and a weekend to burn so I thought why not? Part way through...
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    Tire Recommendation

    T1-R are about the worst tyres ever made. DO NOT USE. TR1 I gather go a long way to addressing this. R1R are good, R888/r Are great.
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    My civic - clubsport inspired

    Aww thats a shame! Like this car. Would kinda like your shell as its 100x nicer than mine but I doubt it makes 'economical sense'!
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    My B18 bagged EG civic

    Like a good project! Bags and camber aren't my thing but lots of other good stuff here!
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    JohnTurbo's EJ9 B18C4 Shed

    Quick photo - as I gave it a wash ont he way home:- Fitting the coilovers. Had to wind the fronts out quite a lot:- Top adjusters - very nice for access! Took the car for a drive and it felt nice, albeit will need to play with the damping settings as it was a touch bouncy off...
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    JohnTurbo's EJ9 B18C4 Shed

    Its just much sheddier!! Thats an ASR brace @R1PPU - its just that I painted it Matt Black because I'm not a chav. haha. You can just about make out the letters.
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    JohnTurbo's EJ9 B18C4 Shed

    The work ramp was very helpful for the ARBs:- Twenty mins was all it took to remove the front one, albeit this was most due to the front drop links being new as those can be a real pain. Undid the droplinks, dropped the rear gearchange support strut, undid the cat and ropped that (hung with...
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    BREAKING Black ek9 k24, big spec, built box, rolling shel, Enkei NT03, coilovers, exhaust etc

    Do you have a price in mind for the rolling shell?
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    JohnTurbo's EJ9 B18C4 Shed

    Actually quite to opposite! Just feeling it out as I go along. Bit of a catchup - had an accident with my car being left in gear by soebody who moved it. When I started it through the open window it drive into a metal bench:- The paint crazed anf life is too short so I decided while I could...