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    Faulty ek9 shell from breaker on here.

    The big scam I have seen are Irish write offs. They come over here and arent on vcar so they get dodgy repairs with no trace. Probably happens in reverse too!!
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    What CR for pro stage 3 cams?

    12.5 imo
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    Anyone interested in a group dyno session?

    Chris @ EFI mapped my Civic racer and my Honda Exige. Have been using him over 5 years. Great chap. Vtec6k has been enormously helpful with faultfinding too, so +1 prop to him.
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    Rebuild....B16B Pistons in B18C?

    I slick ARP studs in everything. Theyre wonderful things!
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    B16B / B18 Sump P72

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    Is k20ing an ek9 wrong?

    I speak from the POV of someone who has a rarer and much more valuable car with a k20 shoehorned into it. I would pay hard hard currency to have the original engine and ancills sat in dry storage. In my opinion the k series is charmless (if powerful) compared to a b series. The b18c being the...
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    Valve guides or rings?

    In my experience the valve guides go along with the seals and the rings are generally ok.
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    Or possibly a gsr/c4
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    B18c Integra Dc2 1996 - Struggling to start and flat , slow revs in all gears

    Youve not got 2 leads swapped have you???
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    Block sleeving in UK

    I have some broken rods i will sell for less than the price of a b20 conversion. Save time AND money!
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    Big subframe and swaybar mystery! Any Benefits?

    The vti and ek9 have sheet metal pressed lower wishbones. There are also 2 piece cast ones on some eks.
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    Good K20 Crank Wanted

    Oil overfilled by 2mm? High quality synthetic 40w or 50w MAX? Oil temp guage confirming temp below 120degrees max? Baffled sump? No miss-shifts? Stock rev limit? I think vtec lumps are bulletproof ONLY if all above are "yes" A built engine will not help at all with bearings.
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    pdapaul's YellowSpeed Time Attack EKK24 on ITBS

    Get that rusty old EG tincan off this Hallowed Ground of mighty EK Worshipdom! ;-) ;-)
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    Timing - interference.... Crank locking

    I have had this issue with the gearbox brace but I cant remember the details.