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    rear calipers

    Hi was wondering if u can buy a rebuild kit for rear Callipers for a ek9 type r, or does any one have 2 real good-ones for sale..... Thanks John.
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    Dan from Amsterdam - Honda thread :)

    Hi Dan, welcome to the site!
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    My EK9 in Okinawa

    Very nice!
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    Buddyclub Pro Spec

    I'll give you €100 for the buddyclub and I can send the payment through paypal if that suits you.
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    Special Offer: F/R discs for the Civic (EK9/EK4 etc)

    hi is this offer still available for a set of discs for ek9 front and rear, if u could let me know i would take a set for my civic, could u also send me a price for a good road brake pad thanks john.
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    Newbie from Ireland

    welcome along lad we have a rx model here ourselfs enjoy.
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    Picked up my new car today

    Sweet motor best of luck with her.
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    Poverty spec '99 EK9

    Sweet 9 lad just getting my own rims refurbed at the min.
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    Where can I get center cap 'H' Stickers from?

    Payment sent there lad,thanks john
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    Where can I get center cap 'H' Stickers from?

    ok, that sounds great. Do you take PayPal?
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    Where can I get center cap 'H' Stickers from?

    Hi guys as above where can I get the 'H' stickers from as I am refurbing my wheels and need new stickers. Cheers and thanks. :nice:
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    Spent the day with my Dad.

    Sweet cars lad do u be around portrush much in the summer we take drives up there on a sunday when barrys is open we might get a chat.
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    to old for a EK9??

    To old never me and the misses have had civics for years we stockcar eg6 vti for years and when we got feed up with that we built all into a v good eg6 track car thats we raced up northen ireland we had a k20 last year for a while but all the time we where looking for a good ek9 finally getting...
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    Newb From Ireland :)

    Welcome along lad
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    new from ireland

    Welcome along