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    Honda Civic EG4 Bel Air 1994

    wow looks to be in mint condition, can't see any rust of the rear of the car. With those subtle mods, it'll look spot on.
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    Widebody Hatch

    That J-Blood front bumper is once of the nicest aftermarket ones around.
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    What size should I go for my TE37's ?

    15s for hatch, 16s for coupe : )
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    ek4 handbrake cables fit ek9

    Yes they will, I've got EK4 hand brake cables running to EK9 rear calipers on an EJ6 coupe, mix and match with these civics
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    EK9 breaks

    Bought my rears from japserviceparts, they were over £50 cheaper per caliper compared with tegiwa
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    Update on H-swap EK

    These look like CL1 Euro R wheels?
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    Honda civic

    What parts you talking about?
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    Looking to buy a Genuine Silver or Black Civic EK9

    There's a back EK9 on eBay at £9000, it has been B18C swapped though, I reckon you'll be looking at about 9K to 10K for a decent one now
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    Paint mactching midori green

    Yes, you can paint the new parts the same colour. But if you want 100% colour match with no variation, then the whole car would need done. Age, UV/sun, pollutants, washing etc, takes its toll on the paint work over 20 years. Even the way the paint is laid down has an effect on the final finish...
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    My 1997 EK9

    Used clear waxoyl in the past and all it does is collect lots of dust and dirt off the road, which then attracts moister. If the stone shield has a rubbery finish then I would avoid using a clear coat this would crack and chip off after a while when applied to a softer base. It would be better...
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    B18C EK9 Build

    Coming along nicely
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    My 1997 EK9

    Think I'd have a heart attack if I found that on the sills, but its worth all the effort esp how rare these are now
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    Virgin stock ek9 only 60tkms :)

    Only 60K Kms, wow,
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    PM xxxencorexxx B Series. Ported Skunk2 Inlet Manifold & 70mm Throttle Body (used) The search function is your friend : )
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    MY Glass roof CRX siR, clean, mint, very low mileage (Skunk2 high comp B18C)

    Looks like those seats have kevlar weaved into the carbon, nice