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    Gary The Glanza

    Looks nice, really aggressive. I bet this shocks quite a few high end sports car drivers.
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    Seats for EJ9

    As long as you get the EK9 rails, or DC2 rails (which I did, but they needed modifying), EK9, DC2, DC5, Accord Type R and some EVO seat's will fit nicely.
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    B18C EK9 Build

    Whats the mileage on the engine/bottom end?
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    Wheels Upgrade

    I always thought that adding spacers would put a slight additional load on the bearings since your moving the wheel out, does this actually happen or not? What do people think?
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    I'm sorry to ask but...

    There's one on eBay with mega JDM scene tax at over £2500, no gearbox!
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    CTR EK9 Interior

    Honda dealers will most likely have all the clips but will be expensive. You can try lings, but be prepared to get shafted on price, coxmotorparts are more reasonable. Theres also ebay which do aftermarket clips that come in assortment boxes/packets. You can use and...
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    Finally in a ek9

    Nice, not many around in black.
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    Ej9 backyard build

    Came out good
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    How far would you go....

    For a right hand side conversation? Pretty amazing work like
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    Em1 civic wanted

    Ebay's showing a silver one for £4,450.00. Like EK9's and DC2's, they are becomming rare and prices are creeping up
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    Ek9 air and fuel ratio

    Believe this is done via the ECU when mapping on your preferred choice of software, Hondata, Crome etc
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    B18C EK9 Build

    Congratulations, always a great feeling when it passes
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    New noobie form Sweden!

    This may help...
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    Civic TypeR EK9 Restoration from Bangkok

    Wow, that really is back to bare metal, guess you don't have to deal with cutting out rust and rot due to the climate over there.
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    Honda Civic EG Bel Air 1994

    Looking good