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    Difference with EK9 LCA's

    They are the same, at lease ek4 and ek9 ones are. I think some models don't have the mount for ARB, ej maybe? Someone correct me if I am wrong.
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    Need help regarding ek9 lip

    It's not a stock facelift lip, but a facelift style lip for prefacelift. Not seen one before, so I'm not sure where you would get another. Looks repairable though.
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    What sort of price

    Little bit late to the party. Just saw this post, and it reminded me of a 9 that had sold a couple of months ago. This would have cost just over £5k landed in the UK. JjRYCFayYSdOQihUgAmVjPg69TUi4qiOTXvCs0jS1-2Vzqla9TvQUS3cs by Joshua Boyle, on Flickr...
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    Rear quarter panel

    I'm no bodyshop expert, but that looks like it could be pulled, and a bit of filler to make it right again. New panel would be expensive new. If you did go down that route then you need to find someone who is breaking a wrecked dc2, and would cut the panel off. I think it could be repaired...
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    Help me find my old car

    Only way to make your money back.
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    Integra 4x100 wheels?

    Don't really see sprint wheels in the UK these days. They had a distributor here years ago but I don't think you can get them over here anymore. They used to make replica ek9 and dc2 96 and 98 spec in all fitments for Honda. I bought a set of ek9 sprint reps in 4x100 for about £500 new with...
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    EK9 PICS

    This car is hot! Like the spoiler, just the right amount of tilt!
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    EJ9/EK9 120mm coilovers

    Drop knuckles?? I think you can get them for Hondas. I have them and they lower the car by 2" without adjusting the rest of the geometry of the car, that's the proper way to lower a car. Then if you want you can further lower your car with coilovers
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    Red S15 Spec R Build

    Awesome! Nice to see an S-body that isn't held together with cable ties. Did you have any issues with the loom on the drivers side wheel arch? Im just in the process of relocating mine and smashing in the arch for more clearance :nerv: Those wheels need more dish though mannn ;) Love it...
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    Importing a car

    Yeah grade 3.5 are usually good condition, the odd small carpark dent or scratch. As said above, the grade system can vary from auction houses, some places may grade a car as a 4, and others a 3.5. You often see cars that hop about auction houses having slight variations in their grades, but any...
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    Importing a car

    £8,500 is a reasonable amount. You could easily get a grade 3.5 for that and have money left over. Grade 4s are not really wort the extra money however it is always worth a go on them as you can sometimes get them for a good price. For example this sold a few weeks ago for £8,700 Grade 4, 75k...
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    Importing a car

    Depends on what you mean by low mileage. People have unrealistic notions when specifying a low mileage 20 year old car. I'd say 100k miles is pretty low mileage... In this case you could get an ek9 for about Y500,000 which is about £6500 once you get it here. If by low millage you are thinking...
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    Self-import into Australia

    I don't live in Australia, so this may be useless to you as they could have different laws, but it was my understanding that if you were moving to another country, then you wouldn't pay tax as you already own the car. If that makes sense ha.. I may be completely wrong though, it's not something...
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    What engine mount is this??

    Look like integra mounts... Definitely had the same sort on my old DC2 SiR. EG civic shared a lot of parts with the DC2, so maybe it is from one of them?
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    Red S15 Spec R Build

    S15s look great in red! Was always torn between these and the S13 Really like the front bumper too, would look great with a splitter. I've heard the six speed boxes can be a bit of an Achilles heel, although I think most sr20 boxes can be a little on the weaker side. Just something to think...