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    radio antenna reception

    yo guys i know most of us have bad reception at radio, any ideas what to do ? install aftermarket or is there some maintenance on the OEM ? photos could help
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    Irritating jittering issue.

    did u tune up your ecu ? it can be many problems even a bad injector do u have a wideband on ?
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    B18c4 ej

    i have 1 problem sometimes with the connector of the harness to the ecu , the clip is broken and i have put a cable tie to hold it there , seems to me something with your harness/ wiring problem
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    Double Din radio dash

    if its along with the evaporators the price is normal
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    Dizzy sensors

    damn they are all cracked , u can replace them very easy hope u ll be fine mate
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    EK9 painted thin side moldings vs SiR unpainted side moldings

    i will paint them in 2 months normally my shopper said he can do it :)
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    Track friendly exhaust

    i got b18c also n/a i got 2.75 exhaust and plm headers and hondata muffler, well my noise reduced before 2 months that i installed a resonator , power was increased significantly something that i didnt expect and my daily drives are more relaxed from noise
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    B16B IACV Changed High Idle

    i use a chestnut to remove the nuts and then pliers to remove the straps from the water hoses , i will even do it again today cz there is some dirt i got a little bit low idle all these come from the air filters , if u use a good one u wont have problem for long time
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    B16B IACV Changed High Idle

    i clean my iacv every 3 months always helps :)
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    High pitch noise coming fron engine...

    yeah my clutch has only 4000 klm so? it makes the noise anyway, and its oem b18c clutch
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    High pitch noise coming fron engine...

    i had a similar noise the last week and my engineer adviced to make 1 test, to press the clutch and check if it stops, and when i pressed it stopped this noise so it was the bearing from the clutch, i just left it like cz he adviced me not to waste money just to grease this a little :)
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    Skunk2 stage 2 tuner cams

    yeah oem gasket , with skunk 2 cam gears , i had about 224 bhp with oem injectors and about 9400 real rpm, wouldnt buy them again , i m searching for toda , due to quality
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    Skunk2 stage 2 tuner cams

    i had pro 2 but they worn off after 1 year about 15k klms , i searched that the rocker c hardness of skunk is about 51 :/
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    2 din installation to down tray

    The tray is the factory one i had with premade holes , didnt get any new :)
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    VTEC Camshafts Specs / Comparison for Honda B series Engines

    any opinion of Piper 285?