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    VTEC Camshafts Specs / Comparison for Honda B series Engines

    Hi guys ,my mechanic told me for some new cams of Piper brand that are not availabe on site and are very similar with toda , any1 have specs or an opinion ?
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    2 din installation to down tray

    Hi guys today i installed 2 din kenwood on the down blank tray , was searching for months for anything like this in web but never saw anything but 1 dins well here is the patent if any1 like to do something similar, it was easy , total work about 2 hours and i could i was surprised that in the...
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    new fabric on seats smells weird

    i have done this process also , didnt work for me :/
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    new fabric on seats smells weird

    hi guys , i have changed the fabric at my recaros, and this new fabric smells weird and its causing my whole interior cabin to smell the same . i tried to apply wurth uphostelry foam , and some softener and dry it but still got the same results , any other ideas ?
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    Obd2b help needed

    all the clusters dont work or only the rpm?
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    Igniton problems?

    yeahh i just saw i was about to tell u check the wiring cz i had many problems with my harness in spots that were placed my obd1 and my coil kit, my vtec didnt engaged after 1 year due to very thin cable glue, same things in my coil problem, my car was stopping suddenly sometimes or in4000 was...
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    looking for an OEM catalyst converter number

    hi guys , i m looking for a code that there is on the OEM catalyst for some registration if some1 can help cz mine was sold years ago :/ thnx
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    B18CR Hard start

    hello mate i have some problems from last year with my self with hard cranks and sometimes it makes an echo , from what i hear and for me without being en expert , only from what they told me during searching my problem maybe your fuel pump relay need some replacement due to the fact that it...
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    about headlight bulb shield

    well i made the excperiment to remove the bulb shields today this is my result with cover the 1st and without the 2nd i dont think there is a difference at the end !!! i went for a small ride and i didnt see anything also the glare is not annoying for the incoming traffic
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    about headlight bulb shield

    can i ask what kind of led u got if u got any picture and if u got any night picture in dark road ? today i checked also that the inside of this shield is painted Silver mat , not chrome shiny, so i dont think that this reflects probably absorbing and in the end only cover the normal halogen...
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    about headlight bulb shield

    hello guys , i was wondering if somebody made conversion to LED h4 bulb and removed the bulb shield or not, i cannot understand about the specific little part that is only to euro/usa headlight and not in japanese headlights , that covers the oem halogen lamp, but in led does this need to be...
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    ignition push button

    hello guys , i ve purchased a start button from fn2 and i m trying to figure where to place it , any1 got any ideas or photos to help me decide ?
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    sticky throttle body

    hello guys again, have some issue with this TB the last year , sometimes when i release the gas pedal it continues having rpm so my car runs like hell and i release gear and i press the pedal and then it unstucks , last night i open the hood and i checked and it was stucked open , and i touched...
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    sticky throttle body

    yeah my engineer tells me the same thing , that all aftermarket TB suck , only oem that is made from bronze metal are the best , all aftermarket aluminium suck in their behaviour, i cannot find any solution to this problem always stuck at 1200- 3500 in various rpm and i have to press the pedal a...
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    sticky throttle body

    its skunk 2 alpha series 70 mm the cable is ok it always happens that the buterfly lever is getting dry quickly :/ i ll try something with the screw and we ll see