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    Jamie_ EK9 K-Swap build

    nice milestone!! wont be long coming together now!
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    Jamie_ EK9 K-Swap build

    Really nice job! Your gonna need another can of gear oil to replace the oil once you’ve the diff bedded in. They say do figure of 8’s for half and hour in the instructions, but do at least 45 minutes. You want to get rid of as much of the break in gunk as possible
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    Rebuilding 98 Spec DC2 Driveshafts

    Ep3 civic type r have the same cv joints as a 98spec, like you said a 5 stud 36mm nut crv cv joint is also the same
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    Rwd converstion

    To do it correctly it is expensive, custom cams, dry sump system, custom timing belt arrangement with electric water pump, custom exhaust manifold, custom bell housing, and they are only the big parts. A lot of time, effort and failures have gone into developing reverse rotation b series by two...
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    Forged pistons

    For what engine? What compression ratio are you looking for? You should be able to get the likes of Manley rods and weisco pistons for about 1k from Tegiwa or h tune
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    Engine blown?

    More than likely the timing chain tension failed... Do the basic checks, see if the cam timing is correct, check the chain tension, if both those are ok do a compression test. That will give you a clearer picture of what's going on, 9 times out of 10 it's easier get a whole engine
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    147.7 BHP ON DYNO ! HELP !

    Loosing power after consecutive runs is a sure sign of heat soak. Unless you induction kit is tucked right behind the head light or in the wheel arch it's costing you power over a closed air box system. Getting the cam and ingnition timing checked is a good idea, but to be honest that power...
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    Spoon brake upgrade worth it?

    I think there is an mg disc which is 4 stud close to that dimension, others might be able to confirm that!
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    Spoon brake upgrade worth it?

    I have direct experience with most makes of brake caliper including AP, brembo, Alcon, hi spec, wilwood and spoon. I put spoon twin pots on my own Integra resto build. I have a mix of AP and brembo on my race car and have dealt with all the othe manufturees on various rally car builds down...
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    Locking wheel help

    Get a normal socket that's close ish to the size of the nut and drive it on with a hammer, that'll be what most garages do to get them off
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    Spoon springs for DC2 - understeer?

    What might be throwing you off is the spoon springs have a propressive rating. I can confirm from a set I put into a 98 spec dc2 they won't by themselves cause understeer. Defo worth getting a proper alignment do after fitting
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    Modified EK4 Irish Rally build

    looks the part! a stafford built engine?
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    Kswap questions

    And just to ad I'd have a k20 over a b series any day just because of age! Next time you have a valve out of a b series head see how much wear is in the valve guides, you might get a shock!!
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    Kswap questions

    I actually bought a full driving ep3 that had been park because someone was going to build it as a rally car, they had stripped the interior and that was it. The reason I went that route was so I could properly test the engine, compression test/leak down test. In the end all I kept was the...
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    Is k20ing an ek9 wrong?

    Fitting a k20 to the ek chassis doesn't require any cutting, simple bolt in so nothing you can can't be reversed!! Put the b16b and s4c in storage for a later day and fit the k series!