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    New R81 EG6 (update page 2/3)

    Thanks, ya I've booked the track day but can't make up my mind whether to track it or just park it up for the day and leave my brother take his s2000 on track instead. Are you going yourself?
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    My EK9.... take 2

    Fantastic build, the volks looked lovely !
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    New R81 EG6 (update page 2/3)

    Also a pic of my brothera ek9 and s2000.
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    New R81 EG6 (update page 2/3)

    So long story short, when replacing the crankshaft seal the car got a full revamp. I will just upload some pictures of where its at now. The next job will be to do ignition timing, and full coolant / oil flush. I also need to get the suspension set up and book the car into a bodyshop to fit...
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    New member from ireland

    Both lovely looking cars and lucky to have kept that DC2, it would be very hard to find a good black one now.
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    Civic EE9 / EF Restoration Project

    Two builds at once must be tough ! I'm planning to remove the underseal on my car also.. been putting it off for too long. Did you use a grinder with wire brush? I hope to get my underbody down to bare metal, treat any bits of rust, use zinc primer also and then paint it original red colour...
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    98 spec Integra Type R

    Very fresh DC2. I think this car was up at Japfest Mondello 2/3 years ago? I remember a very clean Dc2 and it was a Galway reg. It was for sale at the time aswell and had very little kms done.
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    New R81 EG6 (update page 2/3)

    Update I found the oil level to be down for the first time ever last weekend. Normally level doesn't drop between services. I found it was leaking underneath between gearbox and engine. I removed the gearbox and changed the crankshaft seal, so that should sort it. While i had the gearbox...
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    Ej9 backyard build

    Love the choice of colour for boot !
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    New R81 EG6 (update page 2/3)

    Some few picture of parts I have added over the last few months
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    Integra Type Rs **BREAKING FOR PARTS**

    Hi have you 262mm rear callipers and carriers ?
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    Breaking big spec b18c6 ek4

    Hi , do you have 262mm rear callipers and carriers?