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    Wind deflector fittings

    honda dont sell any of the clips anymore, that was the first place i tried
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    hi mate what colour do the eyelet type LCA's come in for a dc2?
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    Wind deflector fittings

    managed to get some over the weekend, if anyone has this problem in future you need an m4 tappered head screw to secure the wind deflectors to the door frame
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    Wind deflector fittings

    Hi, i just got the missing wind deflector i needed for my dc2 and it has come with all the clips needed for it but i am missing the 2 little screws which hold it to the door frame. Does anyone have any lay around or able to point me in the direction of where i can find some? Cheers Ant
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    Aaron's 96 Spec JDM DC2 (NEW 30/5/16)

    very jealous you have the gen 1 wing and the USDM rear lights that i want for mine
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    crashed itr`s and complete itr`s for breaking.

    any champ white JDM spec bonnets?
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    Pm sent about the exhaust
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    B18 sump

    Cheers mate :nice:
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    B18 sump

    Hi, Does anyone have a b18c sump spare they want to sell? I need one for my dc2 Thanks Ant