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Jun 3, 2014
Deleted my old thread by mistake so heres a new one.

Item for sale: Various honda parts
Price: offers on everything
Paypal: Yes
Location: Midlands and postage available
Condition: used/new (various conditions)
Description: Various Honda Parts

B Series.
Honda B Series Rocker Cover Gasket (used)
Honda B Series Timing Belt Tensioner (used)
Honda B Series Water Pump (used)
Genuine Civic Mb6 Vti Ecu (used)
Genuine Civic Vti Ecu (used)
Genuine Ek9 Ecu Prefacelift obd2a
Genuine B18c Dc2 Ecu (used)
Genuine Honda Ef9 Jdm Final Drive (new)
Genuine Honda S4c Crown Wheel (new) SOLD
Honda B16b Ek9 Crankshaft (used)
Ek9 B16b Valves (used)
Ek9 B16b Valve Springs (used)
Ek9 B16b Retainers (used)
Honda B Series Vtec Conversion Wires & Ecu plugs (used)
Honda B Series Vtec Conversion Harness (used)
Spoon Sports B Series Racing Spark Plugs (new)
Honda B Series 81mm Headgasket (new)
Honda Oem Dc2 S80 Lsd Limited Slip Diff (used)
Dc2 B18c Valves (used)
Dc2 B18c Valve Springs (used)
Dc2 B18c Retainers (used)
B Series Obd1 Distributor (used) SOLD
B Series Obd2 Distributor (used)
Genuine Honda B16b/B18c Type R Retainers (new)
B18 Acl Bearings (new)
B18 Arp Rod Bolts (new) SOLD
B16 Arp Main Studs (new)
Various Arp Bolts/Studs (used)
CP Forged Pistons High Compression (new) SOLD
ORC Clutch & Flywheel (used)
Mugen Airbox Intake (used)
Ek9 B16b Oem Sump (used)
Buddyclub Spec 2 Full Exhaust System (used)
B Series Inlet Manifold (used)
Ngk Iridium Spark Plugs (new)
O2 Lamda Sensors (used)
Genuine Honda Head Studs (new) SOLD
Genuine Honda Main Studs (new) SOLD
Supertech Dual Valve Springs (used)
Spoon Sports 4-1 Exhaust Manifold (used)
Honda Ek9 S4C 4.4 Final Drive & Lsd (used)
Genuine Honda B16 Timing Belt (new)
Top Mount Turbo Manifold (used)
Downpipe With Screamer etc (used)
Skunk2 Pro2 Camshafts (new)
Dc2 Steering Column/Rack/Ignition etc (used)
P28 Ecu (used)
Dc2 Pedal Set (used)
Genuine Honda Inlet Valves (new)
Ramhorn Turbo Manifold (new)
P30 Chipped Ecu (used)
Various Forged Internals (new/used)
Various Forged Connecting Rods (used)
Genuine Honda Sump Gaskets (new)
Custom Refurbished Rocker Cover (used)
Eagle Connecting Rods (new) SOLD
Wiseco Pistons (new) SOLD
JE Forged Pistons (used)
Turbonetics Spearco Intercooler Including Piping etc (used)
Turbo Race Spec Inlet Manifold (used)
Honda S9B Final Drive (used)
Eagle Forged Connecting Rods (used) SOLD
B18c Type R Cylinder Head (used)
Ported Skunk2 Inlet Manifold & 70mm Throttle Body (used)
B Series Aftermarket Fuel Setup (used)
Ngk Blue HT Leads (used)
Genuine Honda N1 Crank Pulley (used) SOLD
Ek9 Gear Linkages & Shifter (used)
Dc2 Jdm Cat Converter (used)
Innovative Engine Mounts (new) SOLD
Hasport Engine Mounts (used)
Summit Racing Intake (used)
Skunk2 Forged Connecting Rods (new)
Skunk2 Valvesprings & Titanium Retainers (new)
Honda 4.2 Final Drive (used) SOLD
Genuine Honda B16b/B18 Timing Belt & Tensioner (new)
Genuine Honda B18c4 Throttle Body (used)
Honda Integra Type R Dc2 Camshafts (used)
Honda B Series Flywheel Cover (used)
Various Lsd's (new/used)
Various Final Drives (new/used)

K Series.
Spoon Sports K Series Racing Spark Plugs (new)
Skunk2 Throttle Body Gasket (new)
Ep3 Gearbox Mount (used)
Genuine Honda K Series Vtec Solenoid (used)
Speedfactory 4Bar Map Sensor (used)
Various Colours Fd2 Silicone Hoses (new)
Skunk2 Dampers (new)
Skunk2 RR Catback Exhaust (new) SOLD
Speedfactory 4 Bar Map Sensor (new)
Genuine Honda Ep3 Throttle Body (used)
Hondata 4 Bar Map Sensor (used)
Cusco Sump Guard (new)
Genuine Honda 70mm Throttle Body (new)
High Compression Pistons (new)
Ecutek Tdi North (used)
Final Drive & Lsd (used)
Dc5 Jdm LSD (used)
5.1 Final Drive (used)
K100 ECU (used) SOLD
Brian Crower Camshafts Stage 5 (used)
Skunk2 Tuner 2 Camshafts (new)

Genuine S2000 Door Trims (used)
Dc2 Steering Wheel Bosses (used)
Dc2 Carbon Ashtray (used)
Various Spa Design Dual Digital gauges (used)
Honda Mb6 Front Door Tweeters (used)
Genuine Honda Accord 2000 Wind Deflectors (new)
Spa Design Digital Speedometer (new)
Spa Design Brake Bias Gauge (used)
Odyssey Mx270 Race Battery Bracket (new)
Honda Ngk Lambda Sensor (new)
Sparco Pedal Rubbers (new)
Honda Rdx Wiring Harness (new)
AP Racing Master Cylinders (used)
Dc2 Rear C Pillar Brace (new)
Aem Intake Bypass (new)
Various Honda Ecu's (used)
Honda S2000 Ignition barrel, keys,immobiliser receiver & Ecu (used)
Nrg Carbon Fibre Bonnet Dampers (new)
Various Clutches Stage 1/Stage 2 (new)
Greddy Ecu (used)
Apexi AFC (used)
Various Ecu Parts (new/used)
Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (used)
Eibach Camber Bolts (used)
Aem Air Filter (used)
Alloy Radiator Shroud (new)
H22 Quick Shift (new)
Various Distributor Dizzys (used)
Civic Ek Rear Wiper Delete (used)
Skunk2 Billet Battery Tie (new)
Genuine Honda Timing Belt (new)
Race Surge Tank (used)
Various Air Filters (used)
D14 Distributor (used)
Honda Y2 Gearset (used)
Civic Ek Twin Gauge Cluster (used)
Various Air Filters (used)
Various Catch Cans (new/used)
Genuine Honda Non Abs Prop Valve (used)
Genuine Spoon Sports Radiator Cap (new)
Skunk2 Dampers (new)
Ek Grill (used)
Boost Solenoid (used)
Civic Pre Facelift Ep3 NHB Sideskirts (used)
Civic Pre Facelift Ep3 NHB Rear Bumper Including Lip (used)
Civic ep/ep3 centre console (used)
Rc Injectors (new/used)
M2 Motorsport Exhaust Muffler (new)
Various Oil caps (new/used)
Various Gear Knobs (new/used)
Various Timing Belts (new)
Various Wheel Nuts (new)
Various Blow Off Valves (used)
6 Point Rear Brace (used)
Genuine Honda Radiator Cap (used)
Matte Black Full Face Helmet (used for one track day)
Honda B16 Injectors (used)
Ek9/Dc2 Centre Caps (used)
Traction Bar (new)
Spoon Sports Vtec Controller (used)
H4 Halogen Headlight Bulbs (new)
Various Prop Valves (used)
Various Genuine Honda Gaskets (new)
Various Genuine Honda Sensors (new)
Tegiwa Aluminium Radiator (new)
Civic Ek Speedo Clocks (used)
Honda Electric Mirror Switch (used)
Civic Ek Skunk2 Lower Control Arms (new) SOLD
Genuine Ek9 Gear Surround & Gaitor (used)
Genuine Ek9 Clock Surround (used)
Civic Ef9 Engine Mounts (used)
44mm External Wastegate (used)
Ap Racing Master Cylinder (used)
Earth Kit (used)
Genuine Honda Double Din Radio Delete Plate (used)
Civic Ek Function 7 Lower Control Arms LCA's (used)
Hks AFR (used)
Wheel Spacers (used)
Civic Eg X Brace (used)
60mm External Wastegste (used)
Apexi VAFC (used)
Civic Eg Eibach Spc Front Camber Arms (used)
Slim Fan (used)
6 Pot Brake Calipers (used)
Precision Turbo Blow Off Valve (new)
M2 Motorsport Intake (used)
Various sizes supercharger pulleys (used)
P30 Ecu Hondata Ready (used)
Genuine Honda Mb6 Wind Deflectors (used)
Various Branded Aluminium Radiators (new)
Various Steering Wheel Bosses (new/used)
Hondata S300 ECU (used)
Crx Dash Mat (used) SOLD
K20 injectors (used)
Ktuned Top Hats (used)
Sparco Snap Off Boss (used)
Spoon Sports Decat (new)
Various Throttle Bodies (used)
Simoni Racing Steering Wheel (new)
Innovative Crx Engine Mounts (new)
Catch Can & Breathers (new)
Civic Ek Asr Subframe Brace (used)
Adjustable Cam Gears (new)

I can supply brand exedy oem spec clutches for all honda b series hydro & cable plus k series clutches for ep3 & dc5

Pictures: Available on request, way too much to upload.

Lots more to come, anything you need not listed just ask as i might already have.

Pm me for my whatsapp or email to discuss and forward pictures.


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Mar 17, 2009
dc2 obd2a engine loom can I use this on ek with b18cr 96spec. ek now is obd2b


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Jun 3, 2014
Dc2 96spec is obd2a, im assuming your ek is facelift and you want to put a prefacelift loom in it. If thats the case i would imagine use the loom with facelift ecu and conversion harness.
Someone correct me if im wrong,