>> How to ask questions!? Read me first!! <<


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Mar 26, 2008
I can't help but notice many of the same questions being asked over and over again - and you know what? That's fine. But it's the nature of how the question is being asked that really irks me and remains incredibly inefficient.

Before I begin, it is VERY IMPORTANT that any new or old members who have NOT listed their current location - do so immediately! ek9.org is an international forum and what may be readily available in one country may not apply to you at all due to cost etc.

I'm not asking you to post your home address and phone number. Just simply saying you're from EARTH or leaving it blank will NOT do.

For example:
UK helps, but it would be better if you listed a city
USA helps, but it would be best if you at least listed the state


Now. How to ask QUESTIONS. This is typically what I see

Hi, I want to know what the BEST brake setup / brake pads etc are for my car

"Best" is very hard to define when you do not tell us

1) how much you are comfortable spending
2) what you intend to do with the car (mainly daily drive or track or mix?)
3) what CURRENT RELEVANT modifications you have on your car
4) what your expectations/goals are

Help us help you!
It's a :win::win: situation!

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Mar 11, 2007
About to sticky this. VERY good point to make, edited slightly to suit the brakes sub-forum

Also for anyone reading this, PLEASE make use of the search function, makes sense to check if the question you have has been answered before :nice:

Also as always, please try and type Properly, I know for one I can't be arsed answering to text talk, full keyboard in front of you, please make use of it ;)