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    Hi everyone,

    could anyone help me? I have 1991 ED3 (D15B2) Civic sedan, which burned it old 3 pin alternator due bad installation. There should have been green 4 pin plug right? Nope. Only three flat connectors, and they caused a short circuit in alternator during driving at rainy day.
    I got the green plug from EG5 (D15B2), and installed the flat connectors inside it correctly, still not charging, light is working. All fuses inside and under hood are fine. Car has no ELD. New alternator I got has 4 pins and it’s the correct one for the car, my hatchback has 4 pin alternator too with 3 wires. These 3 wires are:

    C (computer) = (?)
    FR (computer, field monitor (<-what does this mean?)) = yellow
    IG (ignition) = Black & yellow
    L (light) = White & blue

    Does EG one have the empty ”D” (dummy) place in connector and EF version have C & FR connected inside the plug?

    Thanks in advance.

    ED3 alternator:
    EG5 alternator:
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