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    honda civic parts required

    need honda civic ek9 shocks and spring full set or just rear please contact me thanks
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    honda civic parts require

    need honda civic ek9 stock shocks and springs honda civic ej9 1.4 tps sensor please get in touch thanks
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    Ek9 standard shocks and springs wanted

    I need ek9 standard shocks and springs please get in touch
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    honda civic ej9 1.4 throttle body

    i need honda civic ej9 1.4 throttle body year 98-00,please get in touch thanks
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    ek9 shocks and springs

    wanted ek9 standard shocks and springs,get in touch thanks
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    im looking for bootlight unit for Honda civic ej9 please get in touch thanks
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    I have ek9 shocks and springs fitted to my civic,recently one rear shock become faulty,no body on the forum has any for sale, I have tried Honda but because its import they cant get me any price,can some tell me please where I can get same or after market shock which will be nearly same as the...
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    wanted ek9 shocks and springs wanted

    I need ek9 standard shocks and springs please get in touch thanks
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    Armrest bracket

    I need an armrest bracket civic for the back of the armrest that screw onto the car floor,please get in touch thanks
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    rear lights wanted

    need oem facelift ek4/ek9 taillight please get in touch
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    need d16 parts

    need di6 standard airbox i am converting my di4 to d16 inlet manifold,please get in touch thanks
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    Need air box

    Looking for d15,d16 or b16 full standard air box
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    d16z6 intake manifold needed

    looking for inlet manifold to convert to ej9 1.4, i need d16z6 intake manifold
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    Need parts for Honda civic ej9 year 2000

    Ek9 shocks and springs Long arm induction kit Drink holder Struct brace Please let me know thanks
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    I need flywheel for honda civic ej9 orignal one,please get in touch thanks
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    honda civic ej9 judder on 1st gear

    i have a Honda civic ej9 1.4 year 2000,some morning when i drive the car i get slight judder when taking off on first gear,but after 5 mins its all perfect,only happens on first gear as i take off from stand still, can somebody please help me an point me toward the right direction,do i need...
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    Crank pulley for Honda civic

    Need crank pully for Honda civic ej9 1.4 with ac year 2000 please get in touch.
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    16" Honda civic 4 stud alloy

    Need set of Honda civic 16" alloys in good condition.
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    Need front rear preface lift bumper type r

    Need front rear type r preface lift bumpers with lips please get in touch thanks
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    ek9 shock and springs

    i need ek9 shocks and spring kit,orignal ek9 ones please get in touch