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  1. R1PPU

    JohnTurbo's EJ9 B18C4 Shed

    Ahhh yeah I can see it now! I'm going blind it seems! Haha yeah thats the best way.
  2. R1PPU

    JohnTurbo's EJ9 B18C4 Shed

    Good progress dude. Similar mods to my car! Just a heads up - for anything above 15mm R-ARBS on EJ9/EK4 shells, you need a subframe brace as they tear the OEM subframe.
  3. R1PPU

    B16b Engine rebuild - advice

    Regarding pistons and rods, for the hassle and cost you might as well just get some forged stuff. For not much over 1k you can get new wiseco pistons and skunk 2 alpha rods where you can pick the compression ratio too. The OEM ones are a pain to get the wrist pin seated correctly. ECU wise -...
  4. R1PPU

    Any OGs still about?

    Haha cheers man, much appreciated! Want to sort out the bodywork but just bought a house so unfortunately thats the priority, still hoping to get a few track days in this year though. It'll be 11 years next week...christ time flies doesn't it. You must be at 8/9 years with the 9? Oh no way...
  5. R1PPU

    Any OGs still about?

    Yo dude, saw on Baird's insta you'd got it back out. Hows it going? I'm still kicking about, live down in the midlands now though. Steve's still got the coupe too, not sure how much he's on here these days, too busy fixing the RX7 haha!
  6. R1PPU

    B16a2 wiring loom help.

    Do you have pictures of the back of the plug so that we can see the plug wire colour? First pic looks suspect, concerning that the plugs been cut off. May be for the IAT (some engines use a square plug, some use a round one. B16 is square and B18C is round for example. Second pic is suspect...
  7. R1PPU

    Trying to restore a 1997 EK9 to its former self

    Your build thread of the reshell and the work with Si is one of my all time favourites!
  8. R1PPU

    ross16i16 - rio red ee8 project

    Will do! I'm actually down in Warwickshire now, left Edinburgh almost 5 years ago...time flies. Haha they do look good in white but I'm biased!
  9. R1PPU

    ross16i16 - rio red ee8 project

    Eyyyy nice to see you back! If you sell the Gram Lights, let me know! I'd like another set for track wheels, plus I miss having black wheels haha.
  10. R1PPU

    R1PPU's EJ9 Build Up

    Cheers guys!
  11. R1PPU

    My civic - clubsport inspired

    Ahhh fair. Yeah screw that, i made a point of keeping my sunroof and all carpets etc when I fitted my cage. Still needs to be a nice place to be!
  12. R1PPU

    My civic - clubsport inspired

    This is cool, reminds me of my car for some reason, think it's the colour combo. Re the inside - I used the oem carpet that clips to the seats and it lays down quite nicely and makes the insider a nice place to be.
  13. R1PPU

    R1PPU's EJ9 Build Up

    Well...been a busy year. Summary is...fitted the engine, absolute masterpiece built by Rob at RDMotorsports in Edinburgh. 205hp and drives amazing. Did a track day at Snetterton which was ace pre current lockdown, got another one the day after this one ends haha. Oh and somehow still kept...
  14. R1PPU

    R1PPU's EJ9 Build Up

    Long time no update! Too much to talk about, but I'll leave these here.... And a post COVID present Hope everyone is safe and sound in these mad times.
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    Any og's still on here?

    Still here, rarely post to be honest! Got a new engine going in the car soon....suppose I should probably update my build thread haha.
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    As above, looking for a B18C with all the ancillaries. Would like to see it running prior to being removed from its previous car if possible. Thanks Rippu
  17. R1PPU

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    I'm up for that, I live 15 mins away from C+M too. I'm going tomorrow, I'll have a chat with Phil and Dan and see how they'd want us to do it. Should I say 10 cars provisionally? I'll probably invite my friend with the GT86 too that came last time if that's okay?
  18. R1PPU

    B18C6 swap into EJ9

    You'll need an OBD2A EK B Series engine loom. Use the standard dash loom.
  19. R1PPU

    Front wheel bearing dust shield / ring

    Yeah I've done loads of wheel bearings (I mean @Steve M has done loads for me :)) ) and that collar has never been there....
  20. R1PPU

    Anyone interested in a small meet?

    Really good to meet you all! Deffo up for catching up again soon. Here's some pics I grabbed: 1 by Rippu Duggal, on Flickr 2 by Rippu Duggal, on Flickr 3 by Rippu Duggal, on Flickr 4 by Rippu Duggal, on Flickr 5 by Rippu Duggal, on Flickr 6 by Rippu Duggal, on Flickr 7 by Rippu Duggal...