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    Porsche Brake Upgrade

    Upgrade from 294 ep3/mini brakes to 4pot Porsche calipers with Mini brakes I used adapters from honeddevelopments Got some Porsche Boxter 986 Calipers Porsche Caliper weight 2.4Kg and the oem EP3 caliper 4,5Kg. great upgrade
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    EK9 Red Carpet

    Hey guys . WTB the red Carpet. Pls offer everything :) Thanks
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    My civic project

    Okay i just orderd the hasport mounts and axels stage 2 . My hood will close :) the engine is not realy higher but the oilpan is deeper :) And sorry for my very bad english :)
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    My civic project

    QSD ? What is it? Hood clearence is okay.. Some eg civics had a h22 and ita not much but it will fit :)
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    My civic project

    i want somthing special ... k20 swaps are very often in germany :D and i want to build a 250HP h22 :D the base is a H22a5 185HP Tuning: Tri-Y Hytech Header and 3"Exhaust (skunk2 megapower R) Skunk2 intake manifold Skunk 2 Throttle Body Light Flywheel Skunk2 stage 3 camshafts Skunk 2...
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    My civic project

    It is not ready at all.. I hope next summer is all work done
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    Flo's nsx

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    My civic project

    So its a 1998 civic ej9 1,4i 75HP It was my winter car :) then a d16y8 was swapt and now i will swap a h22 :) -Eg front conversion -9x16 aluette wheels -koni coilovers -ek9 sway bar in front -integra sway bar and asr in rear - 282 and 242 breaks -s2000 speedo -snap off with momo steering...
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    What's the main difference between D16Z6 and D16Y8

    The gearbox is different. The d16 gears are shorter :)
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    Flo's nsx

    So some pics are up :) Here is a short vid from my new exhaust :) it was only drivem 20km at the video
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    Ek9 parts, te37's, beaks & lots more

    I take the carpet :) pls pm me :)
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    Flo's nsx

    Dont work from my ipad :( iam on work ... So i will fix it when im home
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    Flo's nsx

    Hi This is my 1991 nsx Some mods : Mugen ECU NA2 header Custom exhaust Momo steering wheel with nrg quick release Double din headunit Short shifter Carbon wing Eibach Suspension And much more
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    Hello From Canada

    Hello and welcome :nice:
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    Newbie from Glasgow

    Hello and welcome :)
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    New from S.Wales

    Hey and welcome
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    Hi from Croatia

    Hello and welcome
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    Very Young (not!) New Guy

    Hello and welcome :)
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    Hi from Comp Clutch

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    N00b from glasgow

    Welcome :))