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  1. wizardmanjm

    Y56 paint

    I’d like to get a few answers with paint I believe sunlight yellow Y56 is the oem civic colour. Is Phoenix yellow (sometimes referred to as PY56 any different to the civic Y56? Basically my rear quarters were painted and it’s quite a bit darker than the rest of the car. The cars paint is also...
  2. wizardmanjm

    Spoon sports reclining seats

    As above, I really want a pair of spoon sports reclining seats. not as desirable as buckets but probably rarer. If anybody has some tucked away or knows anybody who may have some please PM me. have already contacted spoon and put WTB on spoon pages
  3. wizardmanjm

    Track tyres for 15 x 8

    Anyone have an idea what width tyre I can get away with on an 8 inch rim without it being silly? Online says that minimum is 215mm for an 8 inch rim but I wanted to run 205/50r15 NanKang AR-1 I know this may seem like a stupid question to some but track tyres tend to be wider than road tyres.
  4. wizardmanjm

    Alternator Facelift EK9

    As above Need a good alternator for a facelift EK9. Not necessarily looking just for used Does anyone know a new replacement which fits and works from another car? I found a place that advertise this alternator and they’ve cancelled my order reporting that the manufacturer no longer makes it...
  5. wizardmanjm

    Steering wheel lock and other security

    My ek9 is parked around the back of my house in my private parking space at the moment and will be for a few months till I get my driveway done and kerb dropped In the mean time I would like some security as it seems to be attracting some attention at the moment. Saw a guy a few streets away...
  6. wizardmanjm

    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    Picked this forum car up so you have probably seen it under another owner on here, one of which being Brettray1 Up to date run down of what it has. Interior Spoon lower seat rail (driver only) Spoon rear view mirror Spoon Duracon gearknob Spoon Gen 3 steering wheel Honda doubledin blank plate...
  7. wizardmanjm

    Anyone had these Injector seals? They seem quite cheap for the whole set, can anybody clarify if they are crap or up to the job? My 2nd Injector seems to have started leaking quite a lot. I plan on unplugging the fuel pump, running the car till it cuts...
  8. wizardmanjm

    Any Yellow EK4 or EK9?

    I have been stuck with Volkswagen's since I started driving. I am now 26 and thinking life is too short. Looking to fulfill a burning desire to own a Yellow EK civic that I can throw the Spoon Catalogue at. (Reminiscing of Gran Turismo) Looking to pay reasonable money for something stock-ish...