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    m factory or gear x

    iam looking into buying a 4,9 or 5,1 final drive for my ek9 rally car , dont no what one to go for out of m factory or gear x and weather to go straight cut or not , it is a rally car and not used on road ,
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    enkie rp01,s

    anyone have any idea what a set of enkie rp01,s are worth these days in ek9 fittment
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    elite tranmissions dog box

    ive been looking at the elite transmissions dog box for my ek9 rally car , has anyone had any experience of these and what there like,
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    ek9 engine mount inserts

    hi has anyone used energy engine mount inserts , what do you think , do they work.
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    ek9 rally car

    bought a ek9 for a rally car build , bought it off a lad who had not used it because he has not passed his test yet , just sat in his garage , started striping it for cage fitting.
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    dc sports manifold

    hi got a dc sports manifold on my ek9 rally car and it hangs rearly low so i cant fit a sumpgaurd , any no what manifold fits up alot higher , would swap for one if anyone has one,
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    ek9 rally car build

    IMG_20131116_101908.jpg Photo by barneykev | Photobucket IMG_20131116_101943.jpg Photo by barneykev | Photobucket Just bought ek9 going to be tarmac rallycar
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    ek9 earthing kit

    Hi all just bought a ek9 for a rally car build and it has a earthing kit fitted, don't know a thing about them , do they work or can I take it off , what do they do,