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  1. Michael Flare

    EK9- EK

    USDM EKs = have square reflectors on outer bottom corner of tail lights. EDM EKs = only one of the bottom parking lights turn on when parking/headlights are on. JDM EKs (EK9 including) = no reflectors and both bottom parking lights turn on when parking/headlights are on.
  2. Michael Flare

    Where to find OEM parts?

    1. eBay 2. JDM Ohio Direct 3. JSH Motor 4. HMO Online 5. J Spec Auto
  3. Michael Flare

    Help needed - Idle surging when brake pedal released ?

    The problem is not brake fluid related like master cylinder, calipers, pedal, etc. The problem is air related because car idle depends on air and the brake booster changes the air intake of engine when it is pressed. I know you checked the vacuum lines but keep looking at other parts of the lines.
  4. Michael Flare

    B16a2 swap error code 14 - Help?

    A pre-facelift EJ9 chassis is OBD2A. B16A2 is OBD2B originally. How and why is your car using an OBD1? This article might help by the way:
  5. Michael Flare

    Clutch Replacement

    I love Compeition Clutch brand a lot. I used to have Fidanza ~7.5 flywheel with a Yonaka sprung 6-puck Stage 3 clutch, and it was okay but not perfect. I switched to a Competition Clutch ~8.5 flywheel with a Competition Clutch sprung 6-puck Stage 3 clutch and it works amazingly well for me. I...
  6. Michael Flare

    Coil Overs

    I love my Skunk2 Pro-ST coilovers. I use it to race/track too. Car is only driven on the road about once every 2-3 weeks.
  7. Michael Flare

    Rear Knocking Help

    I think it's the suspension (strut/spring). Maybe it's too old and worn and needs to be replaced or the top hat nut is loose and needs to be tightened. I had a really bad knocking sound in my Mazda and it took years to finally find the problem. The center big nut (not the 2-3 nuts/bolts holding...
  8. Michael Flare

    Roof liner sagging

    I highly suggest you replace the fabric on the headliner with your own and use a very strong fabric adhesive. The product I recommend is "3M HIGH STRENGTH 90"
  9. Michael Flare

    Steering Wheel Installation - Spoon

    There are a couple of ways to make this work but I think the easiest way is to buy a used CLOCK SPRING (found only on airbag models) and install it. Unscrew that horn contact tab (remove) from your picture on the right. The wire that is attached to the end of that metal tab, connect it to the...
  10. Michael Flare

    Cleaning Red Recaros

    I used to use Woolite. The last couple of times I used Sonax Alcantara cleaner. I think it's the best cleaner on the market for our seats and it's specifically made for it unlike Woolite which is a generic cleaner. I use to microfiber towels and two buckets of water. Both towels get dunked into...
  11. Michael Flare

    Facelift EK9 Rear Lights

    USDM, EDM, and JDM are all different. USDM and JDM being ALMOST identical (because both top and bottom lights up at night) except the JDM ones do not have the square reflector on the bottom corner. I have both, I will show you pictures here. EDM is different too because almost all cars in Europe...
  12. Michael Flare

    Anyone know where to get prefacelift ek9 headlights??

    eBay is the best place to find parts and here is why. eBay is probably the biggest and most diverse market in the world. eBay sells all kinds of stuff from private sellers to business sellers. They sell both FAKE and REAL parts. Here are some tips to distinguish the two when you buy parts from...
  13. Michael Flare

    1996 Civic Ek2 Conversion

    These are not factory EK9 seats: 1. The seat bottom and back material is made out of a different fabric than the one you have. Yours just looks like the Recaro SR3 seats. Recaro seats don't fade like that. 2. Recaro SR3 has the words "Recaro" underneath the harness slots on headrest area. 3. SR3...
  14. Michael Flare

    lossing coolant

    Have you tried to bleed and burp the coolant system? Try to bleed it and squeeze both upper and lower radiator hoses repeatedly. Do this with the fan speed all the way up and the heat to the hottest setting. Keep doing it until the car temperature is at normal operating temperature.
  15. Michael Flare

    Steering Wheel Installation - Spoon

    The steering wheel nut is supposed to be torqued to 36 ft/lbs. I can help you get the horn button to work. I need to know more information. 1. Is your EK SRS or non-SRS model? 2. Which HUB ADAPTER do you have for this steering wheel? 3. Is your horn button 1 or 2 contact terminal behind it?
  16. Michael Flare

    Obd2 connection

    Are you USDM or EDM? Does it have a OBD port underneath the steering wheel? If it has an OBD port under there, then bluetooth tool will work.
  17. Michael Flare

    Obd2 connection

    1997 Civic is definitely OBD2A. I know that if your car is USDM, it will have an OBD port for you to plug a bluetooth OBD tool in for your tablet. OBD2A and OBD2B does not matter because they both have the exact same OBD port design for tool plugin.
  18. Michael Flare

    Door speakers

    You can buy aftermarket new tab replacements! I bought a box that came with assortments of so many different tab types for only $12. It was so worth it because you can use on different cars and panels too.
  19. Michael Flare

    Door speakers

    I just installed a beautifully sound POLK AUDIO speakers in the front of my car. I love it so much. You don't have to grind the door panel itself at all. The speakers are very large and just barely fits. It's such a high quality speaker too, you will not regret it; trust me! The model I have is...
  20. Michael Flare

    Door cards query

    I just did my door panels! I've done a total of 2 sets of hatchback doors before. One of the best methods of removing the old door card is using a cone shape grinding stone attachment on a dremel/rotary tool. You have to be very very careful that you grind just enough for it to detach. It's so...