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  1. Teeky_JDM

    LOW MILEAGE B16B @ 55K

    I folks I have a low mileage B16B EK9 Type R engine for sale Just wondering what the going rate would be? No intake, no dizzy. PM me if your interested
  2. Teeky_JDM

    B18C EK Track spec - PART OUT - DONOR CAR

    Hi folks I bought this EK a month ago at a really good price, the shell is absolutely mint! Not a spot of rust. The car was a few minutes away from me, and I saw it parked up in the same drive for over 5 years, and it never moved! So 1 day I went and knocked on the door, long story short I got...
  3. Teeky_JDM

    Honda Civic EG6 SiR 2 - JDM - Build / Project / Restoration / Restomod / Resurrection / Bare shell rebuild / Nut & bolt Restoration

    My previous build threads : * * Follow me on Instagram : @T33KYG @StreetRacersMedia ____________________________________________ I've had a...
  4. Teeky_JDM

    Teeky's MB6 VTI-S Build Thread *** PIC HEAVY ***

    Hi guys, I've recently purchased my Civic MB6 VTI-S. I used to be a member of before I had my license, time to finally make a thread. All of the cars I've owned have been Japanese Instagram @T33KYG Anyways I wasn't really much a fan of the MB6, until one day I came across a...
  5. Teeky_JDM

    Civic Jordan 265

    Here is my previous Civic Jordan #265 Instagram @T33KYG Honda Civic Jordan EK4 1.6 VTI 265/500 SPEC: ENGINE: Original B16A2 5Zigen JASMA 4-2-1 Manifold 2.5” collector Dummy Cat (DECAT) Genuine Spoon B pipe Genuine Spoon N1 Tailpipe Genuine Spoon N1 Bung Carbon Kevlar Whales ***** Intake...