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    I like the car, I however MUCH prefer the concept it looks like how a Type R should. To me I think the final version almost looks small SUV like, it looks very very top heavy almost like a HRV. I also don't like the rear of the car at all, why put big vented front arches to then stick tiny...
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    CaterhamF1 Crowdfund.

    This is by no means a plea for you to donate (I'm not even a fan of CaterhamF1) Just a discussion on the items they are offering, in case some of you are collectors they are offering various F1 parts etc for donations. I did notice they are getting rid of...
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    My h2b eg6

    I love this, brilliant build up. Love how raw the car looks.
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    2015 Honda NSX "Ring" Test

    Caught fire, usual supercar/sports car way. Smoke coming from the rear then flames. Most likely overheating from the batteries in the hybrid system.
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    2015 Honda NSX "Ring" Test and then a few hours later At least it caught fire before production.
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    Only in Japan- Kanjo

    I think the police over there have just learned to accept that it's part of the culture, if that was the UK you would have a few police cars, helicopters, dog units and so on. Funny as f**k though :lol:
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    Ferrari fail drive

    I was going to make a comment also until I remembered the first time my 350 kicked out its back end in the wet at 60 on a duel carrage way. Safe to say skid marks where left; not on the road. :lol:
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    Some of the rarest honda's?

    Garage up the road from me is selling one of these for £900, pretty sure these cars use Bike engines with ITB's :lol: Considered buying it a few times, been sitting there for the best part of a year.
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    VTEC from the engine bay

    Nice, now I see why there might be a benefit with engine torque dampers :)
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    Too change or not too change

    I sold my EK9 and bought a 313 350z, best decision I've made personally, don't know about the BMW mind you as said above I would only ever get an M series BMW, the chassis on non M car's I feel are a bit soft and unrewarding.
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    Showroom Honda Civic TypeR, Genuine EK9 Model ??????

    The whole "showroom" thing is bs, I wouldn't pay any extra for it. It does look like a good clean example but I have seen cleaner builds. Also putting those lights on the EK9 is like sticking EJ9 lights on an EK9 and passing them off as an upgrade, the rear's probably don't have the double bulb...
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    Storm chasing + Low civic = Bad!

    I've never seen that before :lol: Looks like maybe a windscreen leak?
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    A bit pricey

    Wouldn't pay more than 7k for that, some people forget that these cars are nearly 17/18 years old, I would expect a well built K20 DC2 for that amount of money.
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    DC2 has landed in the UK!

    Looks like a sore one, hope all is ok.
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    Am i getting scammed?

    I would stay well clear. You should set up another email address and email him under a different name to see if he has the same response, or if he thinks up of another injury.
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    Winning the lottery

    Daily would be an Audi RS4 Avant (the new one) weekend car would probably be the up and coming Nismo R35 GTR and my winter car would probably be a Land Rover alpine edition tuned by twisted performance. Here's hoping ;)
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    The future of Honda?

    Honda are one of the largest car manufacturers and technology manufacturers in the world, if they went bust you would most certainly be assured that the likes of BMW and GM would go under also. As said most definitely pub talk...after a few. ;)
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    Are car forums slowly dying?

    I think forums that really have useful information but on top of that have a close relationship with users usually tend to stick it out, for example I have recently bought a 350z after selling the EK, after a week or so searching for 350z forums I have come to realize that the forums available...
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    Very dissapointed in Hond-r now...

    C'mon people this was posted back in 2009. Was there really a need for a re-bump..
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    Oh god why

    Wouldn't running semi slicks on a road set up cause even more slip due to the inability to heat them correctly? I'd personally just run a better road tyre perhaps something from Hankook or Falken (I ran Falkens on my EJ9 as a daily with rear arb, different control arms, stiffer bushes and...