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    2 EK's Sunday fun day!

    He, doesn't have any whp numbers yet he is still breaking in the motor to go get the dyno/tune,but the block and head are built from the ground up he is seeking to run 25/30lbs of boost.
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    2 EK's Sunday fun day!

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    2 EK's Sunday fun day!

    So, on a fresh sunday afternoon a friend of mine called me and wanted me to do a mini shoot, of his engine rebuild and engine bay tuck.So we washed the cars and drove off to find a location to take some pictures and here are the results. Shot with a Canon 550D 18-55mm 3.5,4.5 50mm 1.8...
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    Ej6 From Texas!

    Thanks for the comments guys
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    Ej6 From Texas!

    Thought so too but they have the serial number and say keiper recaro on all the plastics.The bottom have the brown mesh also have a pic of the serial number.
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    Ej6 From Texas!

    Hey, guys its been a while since ive been on here.I've done a couple of things with my car but i dont have a full shoot yet but I will soon any who here's the specs then pics. Ej6 -96 Civic DX, US chassis code EJ6 -Original Midori Pearl Exterior -CF hood with sparco hood pins holding it...
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    eBay Fog Lights and CTR Lips?

    ebay fogs work fine all my friends have had them and work great except for the wiring harness for the switch. we just hooked them up to the corner lights so when you turn those on the fogs come on. the reason for that is because the switch burns out just use the relay it comes with to wire them...
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    S200 steering wheel, fitment

    i have one and been eager to put it on but! i dont have the airbag so just waiting to find one since there expensive.
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    yo! midori ek from the states

    hey whats up everyone i am the new guy my name is kerry,i am 21 and im from dallas,tx and i have a 96 midori pearl civic hatch that ive just gotten recently (like 4months now) becasue i lost my rsx type s in a crash. So before i got the rsx/integra ive always wanted a ek hatch so now i got one...
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