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  1. danbo2002

    Civic FD2

    Picked this up last week. Grade 4, 90k miles, fairly standard bar a Hybrid racing induction kit and a pair of Koni rear shock absorbers The plans are to keep it standard (famous last words) but tidy it up a little, starting with a good detail
  2. danbo2002

    Release bearing question

    So I’ve read that I should use a OEM Honda release bearing when doing my clutch. The clutch kit I bought comes with a Koyo made in Japan bearing now my question is... do Koyo make the Honda bearing? Like is this Koyo one I have the very same as a Honda OEM one just in a Koyo box?
  3. danbo2002

    Crx Del Sol, Spoon inspired build

    Bought a del sol at the weekend, thought I’d share the build pics and spec In here Credit must go to the builder Spoon_dsol over on Instagram as it’s his hard work and craftsmanship that’s went into it Engine/Transmission B16A2 swap with S4C non LSD OEM engine mounts OEM Del Sol VTI intake...
  4. danbo2002

    My EK9.... take 2

    Long time member on here, this is my second EK9. I bought her in December 2018. Here’s how she stood at the time 2000 EK9 Rx Only mods were a full Spoon N1 system, Spoon Kevlar elbow, Spoon panel filter, Spoon HT leads. Spoon front strut bar, a set of Trybox coil overs (hardcore track)...
  5. danbo2002

    Spoon carbon plug cover

    Looking for a genuine Spoon carbon plug cover
  6. danbo2002

    B18C6 valves and valve springs

    Are the valves and valve springs the same in the B18C6 and B16B? These are the part numbers 14751-P73-J02 X8 14751-P72-003 X8 14761-P72-003 X8 14761-P73-J02 X8 14721-PR3-000 X8 14711-P73-J01 X8 If they are not the same are they interchangeable?
  7. danbo2002

    Ek9 parcel shelf with fixings

    Looking for an EK9 parcel shelf with the fixings please Tia
  8. danbo2002

    Mugen N1 ECU for pre-facelift EK9

    I have a Mugen N1 ECU for sale, It fits pre-facelift EK9's This is a plug and play ECU It lowers Vtec engagement point to approx 4250rpm's and revs up to approx 9750rpm's These ECU's are extremely rare, I'm only selling due to changing to a tuned Hondata. I've had this ECU and a spoon...
  9. danbo2002

    Powerhouse Amuse R1 Titanium

    Regrettably selling this exhaust The Amuse is 1 piece so it hangs under the fuel tank and under the LCA. I absolutely love this exhaust. The best things about it is it only weighs 3.7KG's I'm looking for £500 firm. Pics of the exhuast on the car
  10. danbo2002

    Exhaust swap - Amuse Powerhouse Titanium

    Regrettably swapping this exhaust The Amuse is 1 piece so it hangs under the fuel tank and under the LCA so its quite low already. So once the car is lowered its just gonna get all bashed in and ruined on the speed bumps around were i stay I absolutely love this exhaust too but its...
  11. danbo2002

    WANTED rear wheel bearing

    Looking for a rear wheel bearing for the ek9 has to come of an ek9 or a 98 spec teg, a five stud 1 basically cash waiting
  12. danbo2002

    Spoon calipers and Regamaster Evo's ?

    Hey guys I have got a set of 15" Desmond Regamaster Evo's on my ek9, 6.5 wide and pretty sure the offset is 42 Does anyone know if the Spoon brake callipers will fit in the wheels? or will i need spacers? Danny
  13. danbo2002

    My EK9

    Hey guys got this just about standard, only had the twinloop and rear strut, made a few changes since then Let me know what you guys think, all comments welcome Spec list Spoon engine mounts Spoon drop in filter Spoon carbon direct air elbow Spoon throttle body Spoon 4-2...
  14. danbo2002

    Regamaster fitment question

    will these fit ok with standard callipers? what about if i was to upgrade to spoon callipers? 15"x6.5 ET - 42 what would be the best tyre size to use with this size wheel also?
  15. danbo2002

    Civic Type R, rear quarter stickers

    Hi Looking for some new civic type r stickers. The ones that go onto the rear quarter panel just in font of the back wheel. Original Honda please Danny
  16. danbo2002

    Spoon ECU Pre Facelift

    Hi I have a spoon ecu for sale, it fits pre facelift EK9's - £375 heres the picture of it and heres some info on it Located in Edinburgh