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    CaterhamF1 Crowdfund.

    This is by no means a plea for you to donate (I'm not even a fan of CaterhamF1) Just a discussion on the items they are offering, in case some of you are collectors they are offering various F1 parts etc for donations. I did notice they are getting rid of...
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    2015 Honda NSX "Ring" Test and then a few hours later At least it caught fire before production.
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    Honda Civic Type R Concept

    Official Concept video of the new Type R Honda Civic Type R Concept Unveil - YouTube
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    F1 2014 Jerez - Testing

    The new season is underway with Testing beginning at Jerez, here's a few video's from today, a LOT of teams did not run today due to technical problems and reliability issue's. Here's what we have so far. STR9 Toro Rosso leaving the pits.
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    How the 2014 F1 car's look

    So this is basically a look into what the 2014 F1 car's actually look like. All images provided are official images. Mclaren Williams Sahara Force India Lotus Ferrari Sauber
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    Honda NSX/GT advert

    Another excellent video by Honda Afternoon tea powered by Honda's NSX - YouTube
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    Unlim 500+ GT-R crash

    Was watching Unlim 500+ live on the Dragtimeinfo YouTube page today/this morning; when this happened. I think everybody watching thought she had died in the crash the live comments went mad for 10 minutes (bearing in mind they quickly cut to adverts in case of any serious injury) any of you guys...
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    2015 Civic Type R takes on Nurburgring

    Honda WTCC legend Gabriele Tarquini puts the 2015 Honda Civic Type R development model through its paces on the Nurburgring, pushing its 280bhp, turbo-charged 2.0 litre engine to its limit. The 2015 Civic Type R takes on the Nurburgring - YouTube Thoughts? I'm pretty sure I can hear a blow off...
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    Honda NSX concept-GT

    I should be creating my own motoring blog with the amount of updates I have posted this week :lol: Anyway, here I have the Honda NSX GT-Concept, no words needed I think it personally looks beautiful, under those flared arches I think you can see the next gen NSX, which again I think looks...
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    2014 F1 Engine Video's.

    As anybody who is interested in Formula 1 knows, in 2014 there some big changes occuring, one of the biggest one's would be naturally the 1.6L Turbo charged V6 engines that are taking over from the N/A V8 engines. With this people are pretty uneasy about this change as a lot of people enjoy the...
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    Sound of Honda - Senna 89

    "Honda has recreated the sound of of Ayrton Senna’s F1 car bombing around Suzuka" Sound of Honda - Ayrton Senna 1989 - - YouTube
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    McLaren poised to switch to Honda engines for 2015 season

    McLaren are to use Honda engines as the Japanese company returns to Formula 1 for the first time since 2008. Honda pulled out of F1 after years of poor results with its own team, which subsequently won the championship as Brawn in 2009 and is now Mercedes. But the engine manufacturer has...
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    LaFerrari - Enzo replacement

    Revealed this morning at the Geneva Motor Show, LaFerrari is Ferrari’s answer to the McLaren P1 – and it’s a very strong answer too. Both the P1 and LaFerrari are hybrid cars with very similar performance (McLaren P1 specs here). LaFerrari has a normally aspirated V12 of 6.3...
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    Strippers - Cars for Cash

    Unfortunately this thread is probably not what you thought it was ;) However I essentially found this on YouTube, worth a watch. Strippers Cars for Cash - S01E02 - Subaru Impreza v Mitsubishi Evo - season 1 episode 2 - YouTube
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    Spoon - Type One Interview

    A complete overview of the newly-remodelled TYPE ONE tuning shop in Japan. Tatsuru Ichishima, the owner and founder of both TYPE ONE and SPOON Sports, provides a detailed description of current and former car projects. Bonus footage included! Definitely one of the better/best Interviews...
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    A return for the S2000

    As quoted from Pistonheads: "Talking about the next Civic Type R with chatty Honda R&D man Suehiro Hasshi and his translator (and off-duty race driver) Kotaro Yamamoto the conversation inevitably turns to other high performance Hondas. Specifically, whether we'll ever see another S2000. . Next...
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    NSX - Exhaust System Setups

    Same type of video I posted on the ITR Dc5 section of the forum; this time with the NSX. NSX - Exhaust System Set ups - YouTube I figured some people will appreciate this if they have not seen it before. :nice:
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    DC5 Exhaust Choice video

    Thought it was pretty interesting. I'm not sure if they are running the full system or just the back box; still a decent reference point for people who may want to run one of these systems. DC5
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    Amazing Game Setup

    Pretty amazing game set up. At about 3 minutes in the feedback from the wheel makes it look like he's driving a real car :lol: Honda Civic Type R (G27 Shift MOD) - RBR - Mineshaft, Australia - YouTube
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    Honda F1 - 1980's Williams, Lotus, McLaren

    Just had to post this. Engine sounding porn in my opinion :lol: Tested cars: Williams Honda FW11(1986) Lotus Honda 100T(1988) McLaren Honda MP4/5(1989) Honda F1 - 1980's Williams, Lotus, McLaren - TRACTIONS MOVIE 25 - YouTube The engines in these are...