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    2 EK's Sunday fun day!

    So, on a fresh sunday afternoon a friend of mine called me and wanted me to do a mini shoot, of his engine rebuild and engine bay tuck.So we washed the cars and drove off to find a location to take some pictures and here are the results. Shot with a Canon 550D 18-55mm 3.5,4.5 50mm 1.8...
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    Ej6 From Texas!

    Hey, guys its been a while since ive been on here.I've done a couple of things with my car but i dont have a full shoot yet but I will soon any who here's the specs then pics. Ej6 -96 Civic DX, US chassis code EJ6 -Original Midori Pearl Exterior -CF hood with sparco hood pins holding it...
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    yo! midori ek from the states

    hey whats up everyone i am the new guy my name is kerry,i am 21 and im from dallas,tx and i have a 96 midori pearl civic hatch that ive just gotten recently (like 4months now) becasue i lost my rsx type s in a crash. So before i got the rsx/integra ive always wanted a ek hatch so now i got one...