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  1. J

    Black chrome paint

    Hi, just wondering is anyone knows where I can get dark chrome paint so I can spray my headlights similar to an EK9 headlight? I wanted the dupli colour but there isn't a place in UK which stocks it Thanks
  2. J

    Temperature issue

    Hi, I have an EJ9 and recently I've noticed the temperature goes up while on idle but ones I Rev the car the needle goes back down to normal temperature. Would it be due to the thermostat or just needs a coolant change? Thanks
  3. J

    Light bulbs

    Hi, I currently running 10k HID on my ek but it doesn't seem to be bright enough as the light is scattered rather than at one point. So just wondering what you guys are running or can hell some that problem? Thanks
  4. J

    EK Rear Arches

    Hi, just wondering what websites people have used to buy replacement rear arches for the EK? As I'm currently wanting to sort my arches but not sure whether to buy new ones or get some body shop to make some for me or repair it in their own way Thanks
  5. J

    3 point strut brace

    Hi, just wondering where I can bolt the top mountings to the car as there doesn't seem to be a fixing point for it. Thanks
  6. J

    19mm deep socket

    Hi, I have fitted some long wheel nuts for my car but normal 19mm socket is too shall for the wheels nuts and only covers half the nut when I put it on. So was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a 19mm deep socket to cover the whole nut while tightening and loosening as I'm scared it's...
  7. J

    Mugen Twinloop

    looking for a mugen twinloop catback or just a backbox for EK4/EK9. Thanks
  8. J

    Ek9 cluster

    Hi, I have put an ek9 cluster into an ek4 and wired a converter for it aswell. However, it doesn't seem to be reading as accurate as oem and the odometer seems to be reading in KM rather Than miles. can anyone help me to fix that problem. Thanks
  9. J

    Project Mu Caliper

    Can anyone recommend me a place which sells project mu calipers for ek? Thanks
  10. J

    Mugen Twinloop

    Seeing if theres anyone mugen twinloop for ek for sale? thanks
  11. J

    Ek9 clock into ek4

    Hi, I recently swapped the cluster over from ek4 to ek9 ones but I think the miles counter under rather be milage done is still running in kmh. Is there any solution to his problem and change it back to mph without changed the counter from my old ek4 one? Thanks
  12. J

    Castrol dot 4 brake fluid and braided lines

    Hi, I recently changed my brake fluid to castrol dot 4 and some braided lines.but I noticed that the brakes feel really spongy and when braking hard it goes soft and slow to halt the car. Anyone know the issues? Could it be faded brake disc and pads? Thanks