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  1. jimmy

    ssr type c 15" ek9 one damaged cheap

    have a set of these rare jdm genuine ssr type c wheels 15"x7j one has a chunk gine out of the rim fixable do (wheel doctor in tipperary) lookin €300 cheap seein as there 1200 new one new rim is also available from the uk.. very lightweight all 4 need a repaint to look mint...
  2. jimmy

    Astronomical prices of jap parts

    just have a look at the prices these jokers are charging wtf!!they cant be for real???
  3. jimmy

    ek9 vti sr exhaust

    lookin for somethin shiny and jap not too loud along the lines of fujitsubo would be perfect even the rear section from end of b pipe must ship to ireland thanks
  4. jimmy

    yellow ek civic sir/type r *wanted*

    lookin to swap / p/x my champ white ek9 for a yellow civic cash either way let me know cheers car now has 2 red recaros
  5. jimmy

    buddy club spec 2 wanted

    even would be happy with the axle back piece:nice::nice:
  6. jimmy

    solid engine mounts vibrate

    anybody else have this problem i got two solid billet alluminum torque mounts(up under each chassis leg)for my ek9 but theres a bitch of a vibration going tru the car now any suggestions??
  7. jimmy

    jdm b18c r bottom end b16b head??

    just looking for some tips on this what kind of gains would ya get??a b18c bottom end has come available to me so i was thinking of putting my b16b head on it also would i be better off using the ctr pistons for higher compression??what ecu would also suit best ?? cheers in advance
  8. jimmy

    ###need help asap integra not starrting

    my cousin is curently stuck far from home his dc2 wont start.fuel pump working ignition ok,engine turning over parked it outside the chippers it slpluttered then died started again went real lumpy and died again anybody got any ideas??
  9. jimmy

    my jdm ek9 dumped on 15'' gt3's

    couple of pics of my ek9 facelift put alot of time and money into since i got it heres some pics and spec anyway carbon bonet carbon type r spoiler(home mod) spoon mirrors 15" rota gt3's (only 15" 5 stud set in ireland) toyo proxes tyres full black recaro interior with red driver...
  10. jimmy

    choice of coilovers whats best??

    i have a choice of a couple of sets of coilovers lined up to buy at the moment just wondering what you guys think would be best apexi coilovers with honda top mounts(changed top mounts because they were making nois?)€500 ksport coilovers still in waranty €600 bilstein coilovers 8...
  11. jimmy

    My ek9 facelift

    will get some spec up later:drive:
  12. jimmy

    headlight no power??

    just wondering if any body has any ideas was fitting a hid kit to my ek9 when i noticed one was not working propperly (flickering on/off ) then i had to turn on/off the switch to make it even flicker then no power coming to the wires for hi/lo beam on the driver side headlamp anybody have any...
  13. jimmy

    fitting a bee*r limiter to ek9 98spec facelift

    just wondering can anyone help me out i want to fit a bee*r to my ek9 i need to find out the following pin outlets from the ecu its a b16b engine and ecu heres the wires out of the bee*r just need to find where they go and if the red 12+ can just go to any 12v+ wire Red wire: 12V+ Black...
  14. jimmy

    98 facelift ek9 ireland €8500

    selling my type r civic its a 98 facelift genuine ek9. 5ziegen exhaust lowered all round 98 spec teg type r wheels ind kit carbon vented bonnet carbon type r spoiler spoon carbon mirrors drilled and grooved disks driver full bucket seat standard recaro pass seat cd player
  15. jimmy

    big heavy 17's

    hi this is actually my first post.iv just picked up my first ek9 its a 98 face lift champ white carbon ctr spoiler carbon bonnet 5ziegen exhaust and horrible 17" lenso stage 1 wheels (removing at weekend)!! any way moe to the point the car made 160 bhp at the wheels on the rolling road just...