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  1. jimmy

    ssr type c 15" ek9 one damaged cheap

    bump on these need sale
  2. jimmy

    ssr type c 15" ek9 one damaged cheap

    also set of perfect ek9 rails all intact with connecting wire,adjuster,seat belt holders and even the bolts to hold them in came out of a car with 60k on the clock not usual sloppy rattly ones cos they wear !! €200 can deliver worlwide accept paypal
  3. jimmy

    ssr type c 15" ek9 one damaged cheap

    bump on these
  4. jimmy

    ssr type c 15" ek9 one damaged cheap

    wheels are 5x114.3 fitment
  5. jimmy


    PLEASE SWAP FRONT NUMBER PLATE FOR JDM RECTANGLE TYPE looks horrible .V nice apart from that
  6. jimmy

    [Gauging Interest] 15" All white GAB Sports

    16" cl1 accord rims pm me how much with??i can arrange courrier both ways
  7. jimmy

    ssr type c 15" ek9 one damaged cheap

    have a set of these rare jdm genuine ssr type c wheels 15"x7j one has a chunk gine out of the rim fixable do (wheel doctor in tipperary) lookin €300 cheap seein as there 1200 new one new rim is also available from the uk.. very lightweight all 4 need a repaint to look mint...
  8. jimmy

    few parts for sale

    wofull price the spoon b pipe and back box would be wel priced at 500 notes
  9. jimmy

    Updated pics of my LHD converted EK9.

    whoever thinks this isnt a real 9 anymore is a fool if i lived in the us which i would love id definatly do this its a real usdm ek9 lol..
  10. jimmy

    spoon n1

    what a ride there cheaper brand new haha
  11. jimmy

    k20 civic (ireland)

    isnt this for sale with built by john stone racing in the add??
  12. jimmy

    F@cking old people!

    so what she was old man have some respect like seriously.givin the fact she was old bad reaction etc you have to accomadate for people like this on the roads there just trying to get from a to b like anyone els.prosecution cop on shel be dead in a few years no point making things worse for the...
  13. jimmy

    Who has the most km on their ek?

    this mileage crack wrecks my head if a car is wel minded and not wrecked is the difference my last 98 facelift ek9 had 160k km on the clock went trough 4 rough irish owners before i had it and possibly was in the uk aswel (some rust patches around arches and underneath looked like aftermath of...
  14. jimmy

    Astronomical prices of jap parts

    ha dats all well and good if uv got loads of mulla you could defo pick some of this stuff up way cheaper in japan including delivery..
  15. jimmy

    Astronomical prices of jap parts

    just have a look at the prices these jokers are charging wtf!!they cant be for real???
  16. jimmy

    ek9 vti sr exhaust

  17. jimmy

    ek9 vti sr exhaust

    lookin for somethin shiny and jap not too loud along the lines of fujitsubo would be perfect even the rear section from end of b pipe must ship to ireland thanks
  18. jimmy

    is there any one who had a evo5 or supercharged altezza

    iv got a supercharged teza great power and comfort 261bhp 284lb/torque also for sale il pm ya on pics and spec
  19. jimmy

    solid engine mounts vibrate

    car is sold guys so i think we can lock this
  20. jimmy

    yellow ek civic sir/type r *wanted*

    lookin to swap / p/x my champ white ek9 for a yellow civic cash either way let me know cheers car now has 2 red recaros