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  1. Fanard

    Spoon Low Seat Rails (Recaro's)

    I recently bought some Recaros for my ej9 and the drivers seat came on a Spoon Super Low Rail. Not heard much about them, apart from there are 2 versions, version one is discontinued? wondered how much there worth as i'm not keen on the seating position so may look to sell it. Cheers :)
  2. Fanard

    Grooved discs Vs Standard?

    I currently drive an ej9 still with its awful 1.4 engine, however i'm looking for some new discs, for a small engine and just general driving around are grooved discs too much or will they not even make a difference? Is it better to just stick to basic discs for what it is? Cheers
  3. Fanard

    Stance Setup Civic

    Anyone running an ek, ej hatch with 15 x 7's and has a 'stanced' fitment? Without having to roll my arches i was wondering with some camber and spaces i could get a nice fitment? Any pictures would be helpful! Cheers :)
  4. Fanard

    EK9 Steering Wheel Problem

    Hi all, I bought an EK9 steering wheel, but it came with no boss/spline to fit it. Is there any chance i could fit it using a boss kit with may a quick release? Or do i need the OEM spline to be able to fit it? Thanks :drive:
  5. Fanard

    Japspeed Backbox ej9

    Hi, I've had a japspeed back box fitted for 6 months now, but always wanted to be able to fit the ek9 rear lip to my car however the exhaust already sits against the bumper. Was wondering if anyone knew the best way to lower the exhaust? but also wondered if anyone has done the exact same thing...
  6. Fanard

    Wanted: ek9 steering wheel spline/boss

    Hi all, I bought a ek9 steering wheel that apparently was ready to fit, but never came with the spline/ boss on the back so it is no use atm. Looking to buy the spline/boss! Anyone got one for sale? Thanks!
  7. Fanard

    Silver EJ9 Build

    Okay, so not that far back I purchased a silver ej9 1.4 for £1k, I thought it was a good deal, the car was in good condition with only 83k miles. I had been looking around for one that was affordable for a while with the intention of doing it up. This is the car standard (sorry about bad...
  8. Fanard

    Stretch tyres safe???

    I'm wanting to run a 185/45 on a 15x7j but I use the car as a daily and don't want it to burst, i know 185 is a big stretch (if any) but just wanted to know if it is safe to run as a daily?? Thanks
  9. Fanard

    Ej9 wheels!

    Tried searching for it and found nothing, simply, would 15x7 et40 fit straight into a civic ej9 1.4? Don't want the hassle of arch rolling. Willing to camber and give slight stretch. Thanks for any help!
  10. Fanard

    Wheel sizes

    Hi, I was wondering if 15x8 et20 would fit straight onto an EJ9? Does anyone else run this size wheel? If so what tyres do you run and you got any pictures? Thanks for any help! :drive:
  11. Fanard

    EJ9 OEM Air Box

    How do you modify the standard OEM air box on an ej9? I'm guessing panel filter, but the air intake still restricts air flow the the intake manifold... Any suggests and pictures would be helpful! Thanks :pics::nice:
  12. Fanard

    D14 Air Intake

    Hi, i'm looking for an induction kit to fit a D14 engine, i'm having problems trying to find one that will fit due to the throttle body facing upwards, unlike the d16 which faces sideways... Anyone got any ideas or any advice at all? Thanks! :nice:
  13. Fanard

    Buying car parts!!

    Anyone know of any British websites/companies that sell JDM parts for ek/ej's? Cheers for any help in advance :drive:
  14. Fanard

    Exhaust Bolts Rusty

    The back box exhaust bolts on my ej9 are very rusty and I can not get them off. I'm going to have to saw them off and replace them, but does anyone know what kind of bolt it is? Sizes of the bolt so i can buy a replacement? Cheers! :woot:
  15. Fanard

    EJ9 Wheels

    Been looking for a while at different wheels for my Silver EJ9, I was very tempted by the JBW OS-1's which are a GT3 rep. However i've gone off them now. Also really like the CCW Classics but they are very expensive and chrome doesn't match silver very well. Just wondering what people are...
  16. Fanard

    EJ9 Induction HELP

    I've been looking at induction kits for my ej9 1.4, just the standard cone filter with the induction pipe. I've recently heard that it delays throttle response and the best induction is the standard air box with a K&N panel filter. Is this true? I like the sound of the cone induction kits as...