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  1. zeff

    optimum tension wires

    I have been in search for tension wires for my sohc.engine and stumbled on this on the net Anyone had an idea on this? Where do you attach the little terminals?
  2. zeff

    engine SOHC and Radiator question

    i have an SOHC engine and recently i have replaced my OEM radiator with a HASTE 3 row aluminum radiator.. my question is when i travel like in long distance the water in my reservoir tank half a glass (more or less) i know the radiator gets water from the reservoir or drains water...
  3. zeff


    hi guys.. i have read on some forum that it is o.k to remove the thrmostat on our engines.. what are your opinions about that idea? the good side and bad side of that idea.. also when you remove the thermostat, would it contribute to added or more pressure on the radiator?
  4. zeff

    engine/ radiator question

    hi guys..its been a while i have not posted here..hope everyone is fine.. recently i have purchased a honda vti sedan SOHC engine.. i have noticed that every morning when i do my routine morning check this what happens with my radiator when i open it.. its like it has a lot of pressure...
  5. zeff

    Nissan b13

    not a honda but still lovin it... comments?:nerv:
  6. zeff

    Question about D16a engine

    I havent posted here lately since i sold my civic i am eyeing on civic ferio with a d16a engine... Is this a good engine? Does it have vtec? What ecu does it have? Im sure i will be asking more questions about this engine so pls bear with me..thanks and God bless everybody
  7. zeff

    help me out with this guys..thanks in advance

    i got this things from a friend of mine..all i know so far is that it is for a DOHC engine (b16a).. the story is that my friend installed this to his b16 engine and it almost f**ked up his engine.. here are some pics of the stuff.. AROspeed adjustable cam gears and a camshaft...
  8. zeff

    vtec jeep

    what can you say guys? :drive:
  9. zeff

    poor HONDA's didn't even had a chance..

    SiMon Har_: 25/12/11 - 01/01/12 :nono:
  10. zeff

    fuse box (under hood) problem..

    hi guys..i hope everyone is doing fine..recently my engine have thrown a code 20.. while i was looking on the fusebox this is what i have seen... any one here happen to have a copy of the fusebox diagram on a d15b engine? on my fusebox there is no diagram.. i have used google and...
  11. zeff

    would you love to have one of these?

    2012 2013 2014 Honda Civic Type R is back | Envyd thoughts?:D
  12. zeff

    Code 20 - Electric Load Detector..HELP PLEASE

    my d15b have thrown a code and its the title of this thread. where can i find this? what are the things i need to check?:secret: pictures would really help a lot...sorry really a noob on this one. thanks and Godbless....:thanks:
  13. zeff

    engine light suddenly turns on/lights

    here is what happened i was driving going for a car wash..when i was about 15 meters away from the carwash my check engine light on the dashboard suddenly lighted/on.. it was a steady light not blinking or anything..till i parked for the wash bay, i let the engine idle for about 10 seconds then...
  14. zeff

    aftermath of the storm

    it was an overnight rain that is worth 1 month of heavy rains.. december 17th storm signal number 1 .. this was the aftermath of it... ill let the pictures do the talking:( :(
  15. zeff

    please shed some light

    i hope everybody is fine.. guys i really need your comment on very noob question is will the vti tranny perfectly fit on the d15b engine? (if it would fit) is it 100% plug and play? what about the tranny mounting/ tranny support? please guys i really need your input on...
  16. zeff

    syncro picture

    hi guys.. anyone on here happen to have or known a site leading to an actual picture of a 3rd gear tranny synchronizer for the d15b engine? i looked up on the web and i found a lot of pictures, but since i have little knowledge on this i have no idea what the d15b syncro looked like...
  17. zeff

    D15b vtec question

    Just a quick one guys.. Where is the location of the vtec solenoid on the d15b engine? And how can i manually check if it is still working/functioning? Does the d15b have an ECU? Where is it located? What ecu normally comes with the d15b engine? How can i identify the type of ecu...
  18. zeff

    eg(1994) tranny question

    hi guys.. i got a eg 94 model with d15b engine(bought it second hand) i just want to ask for your opinions.. 1st-2nd gear shifting is smooth but when i shift to 3rd gear specially during quick shift the tranny is like crunching even the clutch is floored, it feels like the gears are loose or...
  19. zeff

    asin for some pictures

    hi guys..i hope everyone is doin fine.. i have recently bought an EG(?) (1994) im currently looking for a nice picture of its interior anyone who can share?:thanks::please:
  20. zeff

    i need your opinion on here...

    hi guys i have been out here like more than a year.. we swapped my honda civic 99 SiR with a van..:angry: its for the good of the whole family.. now i am on a search for a honda(used, 2nd own) can you please look at this link and give me some thoughts about it if its a worth buy For...