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    B18CR Hard start

    Fuel pressure regulator<check preassure>
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    B18CR Hard start

    Could try Map whack is a procedure on the S2000 -2k rpm and give MAP a tap 20x with something
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    Best fast road suspension setup?

    Tested & raised my ride, so much better ,not the looks,but handling is better closer to Honda spec. Compliance Damping is not the issue,bump steer correction if lowered is. What are your KGs F&R ?
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    Best fast road suspension setup?

    Perhaps you have not got the correct spring Bias spring rate & ARB or bump steer correction ect if lowered . Get it to oem ride height correct spring rate with your coilovers with correct toe and,and work backwards.
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    Anyone needing mapping?

    Do you mean a dyno day as a tuning an OBD may be a bit of a process from start to end for a new ECM /ECU Map & chip ?
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    B16a2 Map Suggestions

    96 or 98 ITR ? sort of both the Same as EK9
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    OEM Honda Fuel cap holders

    Inc PP, no strings attached ?
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    Various Parts - Tein/Exedy/EK9 etc

    Energy Suspension Engine Mount Inserts (Brand new) £30 posted is that both sides of upper engine mount inserts ?
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    K swap K20 Honda Integra DC2 Type R Track/Race car

    Think its $39 to upgrade :eek2:
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    For sale: 4,625 final drive for S2000's and MX-5's

    Hi sent you a pm
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    OEM parts available (EK9) + some aftermarket

    Shark for sale :wtf2:
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    *Sold* Tein Super Streets EK with pillow upper mounts and extra springs

    May as well price them :blinx:
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    C/B Pillar Bar, BWR 2.5" Adjustable Decat

    Whats the ID pipe size going into B pipe flange, need to match to Integra R, B pipe. may pick up as in Norwich area.
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    Honda Integra Type R 98 spec S80 Gearbox 4.7 FD

    Good spot misleading..
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    difference between the mugen twin loops...

    JDM is different length because cat length-have ukdm ITR R on my MC2 straight fit and hangers the same place, oh and OBX twin loop :))
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    Afew questions about b18c4

    8800k limiter in my MC2 with the map, sk2 inlet oem head+valve +retainers,sk2 tuner stage1 cams, power higher with the cams from 7.6k rpm oem>8.2k rpm peak Use mine to 8.6 now and again but dont like to push it on the valve train tbh.and dont take it to the limiter at 8.8k as run out of power...
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    Ultra racing, D2, ASR....

    D2 coilovers Free :x:
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    Best Cams for Mid Range (Broad Power Band)

    Got skunk2 tuner stage 1 in my b18c4, same center line as oem c4 cams and nice torque/hp gains. also Integra R airbox resonator removed with cai still retains the tuned length. look at Integra R spec exhausts mani and cat back good power good design for guidence.
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    Valve clearance tool

    Received :thanks:
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    Valve clearance tool

    :nice: Sent funds