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  1. Smitty_Works

    Facelift EK4 or EK9 front end parts

    I am hoping some1 is willing to ship to Germany to help me out with my build. Looking for 99-00 EK4 or EK9 Facelift front end OEM parts. I already got lights lined up. But I could use: Front Wings, American cats call them fenders Front bumper Front Grille Would like them in VSM, but...
  2. Smitty_Works

    Wassup from Germany? Yup, another Civic HB owner from Germany

    Wassup everyone? The name is Smitty, and I go by Smitty_Works on a bunch of other forums out there. Currently I own a 98 EJ6 that's in storage in Phoenix, AZ and I have my 98 Ek4 Ferio, I know its just an EJ6 Sedan:P , and a 1999 MC3 Civic Aerodeck. It a 2.0 TDi SOHC as my daily driver...