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  1. ellb123

    Spoon strut brace (front)

  2. ellb123

    Spoon strut brace (front)

    I've got one here mate, ill drop you a PM.
  3. ellb123

    Elliott's B20 Vtec EK build

    Few bits gone now, Exhaust, S2000 clocks, engine, ECU, all hardrace bits All the rest still available, drop me a PM! And a photo of the new daily....
  4. ellb123


    I've got some 6two1 coilovers for sale, £350 Really good condition, never been used through winter and have only done about 10k miles Drop me a pm if your interested
  5. ellb123

    Elliott's B20 Vtec EK build

    Well but of a rush decision, but I’m breaking the EK for parts. It barely gets used, it costs me a fortune to insure/tax/drive two cars and unit rent while I don’t use it. Ive enjoyed it for 3 years, learnt absolutely loads and made tons of new friends through it but now its time to move on...
  6. ellb123

    Elliott's B20 Vtec EK build

    So little update.... Got the clutch changed in a weekend, eventually waxed and polished it new clutch felt fine and did the 250miles each way to mimms... only for it too rain but i still enjoyed the show, shame about the strip being closed. So next up, an evening at teeside to see how...
  7. ellb123

    Elliott's B20 Vtec EK build

    Well eventually a proper update! Picked up some carbon mirrors, wired them up to a spare plug I had from an old set of electric mirrors so theyre now plug and play, all sorted And got the car back from the bodyshop and stuck them on.... Im absolutely **** scared of driving it with this...
  8. ellb123

    Brakes for EJ9 2001 LOL

    I may have my set up for sale soon, ive upgraded to wilwoods but need to test fit them I run 282mm MG discs and callipers, I rebuilt these less than 2k miles ago with brand new pistons + seals and painted them in hammerite silver, with new mtec dimpled and grooved discs + ebc oem equivilent...
  9. ellb123

    Japfest Silverstone 2018

    I'd been keen for this too
  10. ellb123

    Elliott's B20 Vtec EK build

    I guess this is due an update... Eventually got the disc swap done, got the car back out the unit at the end of February, just in time for snow I didn't think it was going to be bad so kept it outside, guess I was wrong! So that put my plans for getting my alignment done and paint back...
  11. ellb123

    Swindon-EK9 - '02 JDM EP3

    Only just noticed your thread now Kris, seen a couple of your photos but nice to see a build thread, ill keep an eye on it, looks a lovely car! Hopefully see it out and about in person when this weather picks up
  12. ellb123

    Various OEM and Aftermarket B Series / EK9 parts for sale

    Still got those pads mate? If so drop me a pm!
  13. ellb123

    Carbone Lorraine RC5+ Front brake pads EK9/DC2/ATR/MB6

    Don’t still have these do you?
  14. ellb123

    brake bleeding kits

    Sorry for the holy thread bump.... But similar question to the OP, anyone know a decent one man bleeder that will fit an EK? Link above just takes you to Halfords website not the product
  15. ellb123

    Timing belt help!

    Bit of a strange one… so b20 vtec, ran fine beforehand, has been mapped done 4k miles and track sessions ran perfect… I put it in the unit over winter so its sat for about 4months maybe… started it up and ran fine until it got hot, the timing belt is moving over and rubbing on the bottom plastic...
  16. ellb123

    Cobra imola profit in Red for sale!!! And harnesses

    pm'ed about harnesses
  17. ellb123

    Elliott's B20 Vtec EK build

    Getting there!
  18. ellb123

    Elliott's B20 Vtec EK build

    Well it’s about time I did this... I’ve had the clocks before I even had the car on the road! Wish me luck this weekend
  19. ellb123

    Ek3 boosted b18 converted

    Very nice! Love how aggressive it looks. Ill keep an eye on this build thread
  20. ellb123

    B18C high idle, slight hunt

    You could also put the VSS sensor into a drill and spin it up, that way you can rule out/in the diff? There isn't separate fuse or anything you could have missed either? When my speedo didn't work it was the fuse that uses both the alternator and the speedo