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  1. firebass

    radio antenna reception

    yo guys i know most of us have bad reception at radio, any ideas what to do ? install aftermarket or is there some maintenance on the OEM ? photos could help
  2. firebass

    2 din installation to down tray

    Hi guys today i installed 2 din kenwood on the down blank tray , was searching for months for anything like this in web but never saw anything but 1 dins well here is the patent if any1 like to do something similar, it was easy , total work about 2 hours and i could i was surprised that in the...
  3. firebass

    new fabric on seats smells weird

    hi guys , i have changed the fabric at my recaros, and this new fabric smells weird and its causing my whole interior cabin to smell the same . i tried to apply wurth uphostelry foam , and some softener and dry it but still got the same results , any other ideas ?
  4. firebass

    looking for an OEM catalyst converter number

    hi guys , i m looking for a code that there is on the OEM catalyst for some registration if some1 can help cz mine was sold years ago :/ thnx
  5. firebass

    about headlight bulb shield

    hello guys , i was wondering if somebody made conversion to LED h4 bulb and removed the bulb shield or not, i cannot understand about the specific little part that is only to euro/usa headlight and not in japanese headlights , that covers the oem halogen lamp, but in led does this need to be...
  6. firebass

    ignition push button

    hello guys , i ve purchased a start button from fn2 and i m trying to figure where to place it , any1 got any ideas or photos to help me decide ?
  7. firebass

    sticky throttle body

    hi guys i have an issue with my TB i always have to put some oil inside the throttle to grease it becase inside the town when i drive when i pressed the pedal to unstuck it the car starts sudden and i hit my head on the recaro seat and the plastic of the seat gives me headache :D every week i...
  8. firebass

    no rev up at 6300 some times ?!?!

    hi guys yesterday i go on a trip and when i tried with 4th gear to rev up in vtec at about 6300 rpm the engine could not rev up more, i release the accelerator, later on i tried with 3rd gear and all the way up to 9000, then i shift to 4th gear and then also to 9000, later after 1 hour i was...
  9. firebass

    fron windscreen tinted?

    hello guys i wond like to change my front windscreen and i have seen some carswith their front windscreens that they are tinited at the upper part in the glass not with tint film , i was wondering if these are applicable to our cars also so i can change mine
  10. firebass

    oem dc2 clutch vs act 1 organic ?

    hey guys i like to ask now in my b18c i m running a 6 pad sprung ACT 1 , and b16 flywheel ( dont ask about the flywheel it was already on when i took the engine) i ll replace the flywheel with an OEM DC2 or if i cannot find any at the market i ll buy an steerlight ACT flywheel but my question is...
  11. firebass

    ps gearbox problem leaking

    hi guys today i go to my mechanic to change my brake discks and pads , and we notice some oil coming from this PS gearbox as it is named in honda parts, is there any way that it is repairable ? there no other problems only some oil leaking !!!
  12. firebass

    ds2500 or cl pads?

    hi guys i m looking to change my pads , i m not satisfied at all with brakes, when i drive normal at town its ok but when i got highway with speed of 120klm i m not satisfied at all , i just like to make the car stop very good inside the town and in highways , not interested in high speeds, the...
  13. firebass

    seat fabric smell

    guys i changed my recaros fabric to other colour but the new fabric got some weird smell that spreads all over the atmosphere inside , any1 got any ideas if there is something to put on the fabric to smell good or at least stop the factory smell ?
  14. firebass

    oil pressure reading

    hello guys a quick question, in b18c about what pressure i should see while normal idle ,3000 rpm and vtec engagement ?
  15. firebass

    spring suggestion

    hello guys i d like some advice i dont have enough money for coilover so dont bother advice me for that so far i m having kayaba agx with integra springs, gennerally i m satisfied with this setup the shock absorbers working perfect, the springs height is ok in low speeds but in high speeds and...
  16. firebass

    SRS light

    yo guys , i changed my steering wheel to a S2000 one, but when i changed the wheel before i install the airbag, i switched on the car cz i needed to go somewhere and the SRS light got on, so i installed the airbag and the light didnt go off, my technician was trying to erase by the obd2 cable...
  17. firebass

    dc2 springs

    hi guys any1 knows the length and the diameter for the dc2 springs ? cz i was looking to order some custom springs from tein or tanabe but their catalogue needs diameter/length so i can order what ever KG i want :)
  18. firebass

    OS giken LSD

    any1 ever installed OS GIKEN LSD ? i got some questions about its behaviour , when i start the car with low rpm and steering wheel in the middle it goes smooth , if i turn the wheel and start again easy easy it starts kicking , i want to ask if this is natural behaviour !?!?!? i dont know if...
  19. firebass

    recaro pillows

    yo guys i see a lot some small pillows with a shark mouth that they place on the recaro wholes on the head , any1 knows how can i search for those on ebay or anywhere else ?
  20. firebass

    do we know this rim ?

    hey guys any1 know what brand is this rim ? Because i love it