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  1. ellb123

    Timing belt help!

    Bit of a strange one… so b20 vtec, ran fine beforehand, has been mapped done 4k miles and track sessions ran perfect… I put it in the unit over winter so its sat for about 4months maybe… started it up and ran fine until it got hot, the timing belt is moving over and rubbing on the bottom plastic...
  2. ellb123

    Rear caliper bolt help

    Hi all, When doing my rear disc swap, ive lost the two bolts that bolt the caliper onto the hub, this is for an EK, I believe theyre 14mm socket head bolts. Any idea on what bolt id need? (thread pitch and length). I cant seem to find a part number for them either to buy them from Honda...
  3. ellb123

    Prefacelift BYS Bumper

    Hi all, I'm struggling to find a BYS prefacelift civic ek bumper second hand... I know I can get one brand new from Spirit9 Performance but at £210 + postage it seems a little steep. I found these online, for £180 ...
  4. ellb123

    Wanted: BYS Prefacelift bumper civic ek

    As the title says.... Im after a BYS bumper (a rep will do) for a prefacelift civic ek, colour / scratches don't matter to much as long as its not damaged. I don't mind collecting around the northeast but if not postage would be preferred (willing to cover costs obviously)
  5. ellb123

    Elliott's B20 Vtec EK build

    Hi all, first post on here, i used to use civic life quite abit and I'm abit wounded i lost all my old build thread on there, i use this site quite a lot and see its still very active, so i thought its about time i actually posted and started a new build thread. So the story so far... Ive...