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  1. No_Fear

    WTB ek9 Radio block off plate 77240-st7-z00za

    as title says ,if anyone has one for sale let me know ,thanks! PS i am looking for the carbon look version NOT this:
  2. No_Fear

    slim fan for stock/koyo radiator

    i am looking for a slim fan that is DIRECT FIT for stock/koyo radiator (will be installed in the 4 holes the stock and koyo rads have) any ideas what brands are direct fit? and what size i should looking for?
  3. No_Fear

    spoon calipers twin block with volk rays 15x6.5

    does anyone use this setup WITHOUT spacer ,if yes please post pics and the offset of your wheels i have 15x6.5 +45 and they dont fit, i need to know the correct offset for 6.5 te37 thanks.
  4. No_Fear

    Project MU HC+ pads reviews ?

    has anyone tryed the HC+ pads how do they perfom and are they noisy? let me know if you tryed them on EK9,in some cars are noisy in some are not and i want to know about ek9.
  5. No_Fear

    fast and furius

    old team is back Apple - Movie Trailers - Fast and Furious :clap:
  6. No_Fear

    cartoon car signature pics where to find them?

    i am talking about signatures like that : i remember there was a site with almost all cars but i cant remember the url :angry2:
  7. No_Fear

    New Civic R video 2007 (jdm)