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    Hey guys, i was wondering what cams are out there that are slightly more aggressive over the b18c oem cams that wouldnt need a remap to support them.. my compression isn't standard. cheers


    Just seen that tegiwa are selling the alpha v2 manifold, it looks awesome but is that all it is, just a good looking manifold. The description says that it has improved ground clearance over the last alpha header but has anyone tried it yet? would be interested in your thoughts and opinions...

    DC2 96 spec brake calipers

    hey guys, looking do go bigger disc's all round, but my question is will the 262mm front oem disc's fit the rear calipers? I know the 282mm disc's wont fit the the front oem calipers so can I assume 262's wont fit the rear calipers?

    Outside car covers

    As I'm not fortunate to have a garage, and iv just spent a lot of money rebuilding my DC2 I was wondering whats the best outside car covers.. the car is going to be parked up for months during the year, I considered having a custom cover made but before I do whats out there that is going to do...


    Hey guys, have any of you ran this tyre size on a 7inch rim? please post up your pics


    HEY guys, im looking to identify which spoon ecu I need for my DC2. its a jdm 1997. and how do I identify a genuine spoon ecu? are the internals of it different to a oem one? any info would be appreciated. cheers

    4-2-1 Manifold

    looking for a 4-2-1 header for my DC2, don't mind the condition as long as it hasn't got flat spots or dents. I'll collect if your close enough

    Super Street exhaust

    Hi guys, have any of you run a full super street exhaust system including the manifold on your b16b or b18c? Been looking around at full systems and going off super streets dimensions its seems to be a good set up. How was fitment and clearance, especially on the primaries on the manifold? Any...

    4.7 vs 4.9 FD in a S80

    Hey guys, looking to see what you recommend going for! My 96 DC2 wont be a daily driver but will be used on motorways and bypass roads when I do decided to drive the car. Is there a major difference in revs in 5TH gear between the two? I was just going to go for the 4.7 out of the 98spec box...
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    Ksport 286mm brake kit

    I'm seriously looking at buying this kit for my DC2 but I want to keep my 15inch slipstreams.. I got away with regamasters and spoon calipers and a 3mm spacer on my ek9, but is the extra 4mm in disc size going to be to much for a 15inch rim? your opinions and experiences please.
  11. JDM_DAVE

    Low seat rails DC2

    looking for low rails to fit the OEM seats, do any companies in the UK still make them new?
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    Exhaust system choice

    just posting this thread up to find out what peoples opinions are on the exhaust systems you have run.. I usually go for the Buddyclub Pro spec as it seems to be a very good for flow and power. what are you running? and how do you find it day to day.. maybe post up the reasons you bought that...
  13. JDM_DAVE

    Backyard special front bumper DC2

    As the title suggests, new or used.. id even settle for a good condition Airwalker bumper
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  15. JDM_DAVE

    Dave's JDM DC2 O.E.M BUILD

    This is my 97spec jdm integra that was purchased from Mike at R-motion late last year.. as i have always wanted to build a EK9 OR DC2 Mike gave me the opportunity to buy it, so after a quick view of the car and a chat about ideas i decided to take him up on his offer even though the car was in...