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  1. firebass

    Skunk2 stage 2 tuner cams

    well i had the pro setup , i didnt like the mid range , what i figured it was only for drag use , cz this is what i wanted though cz i was drag then, but when i was cruising it was a dead car goin in highway, my setup then in the head was supertech springs and wider valves plus skunk2 cam gears...
  2. firebass

    Shifter linkage rebuild kit?

    i used the energy set and i m very happy with the result , didnt regret it a second
  3. firebass

    Ek9 Spoon bushing set.

    i purchased a hardrace full set , cant wait to install them
  4. firebass

    Loose gear shifting

    they rock i installed mine before 1 month
  5. firebass

    B16a2 engine noise

    its a good idead to check the whole exhaust , from headers till the end u never know, i had a small hole and it created some noise and i had some fumes inside , so take a look , its free
  6. firebass

    B16a2 engine noise

    what about the exhaust ? any holes ? it runs smooth as i hear
  7. firebass

    B16B vacuum and EVAP

    mate this in circle is the intake air temperature sensor , somewhere is the plug ... :)))
  8. firebass

    Idle Problem, IACV Faulty?

    Dont use carb cleaner since the spring there is plastic and can cause damage , brake cleaner or w 40 is cool , compressed air after is good also :)
  9. firebass

    Breathers and inlets

    I removed the pcv and have a new extended hose from the black box down near the downpipe out to the enviroment , and blocked the intake manifold , 9 years now , no problem with anything
  10. firebass

    B16B vacuum and EVAP

    I asked my mechanic, its not possible to open it but its just a sponge witg some charcoal and its lifeless , nothing to be cleaned in there
  11. firebass

    B16B vacuum and EVAP

    i was wondering if u can open the canister somehow and inspect it if it needs some cleaning....
  12. firebass

    B16B vacuum and EVAP

    i think if you remove it completely you will have evaporations comming out of the induction.....
  13. firebass

    B16B vacuum and EVAP

    this cannister is supposed to collect the evaporations of the gasoline that are not burnt from the induction and leading them back in the fuel tank as they are created back in wet form , and that leads to some fuel economy....
  14. firebass

    Wide band air/fuel sensor install

    i installed mine after the headers end at the 10 cm after the start of the downpipe check the highlight in foto, i got it there 10 years no problem at all readings are fast, just make a new whole there and finish
  15. firebass

    Best all rounder tyre for the OEM wheels

    i dont see the RS in their official page , i dont know :/
  16. firebass

    Best all rounder tyre for the OEM wheels

    was checking the 195/55 AD08R in the yokohama site dealer and i see that the only dimension that is availaible for 15'' is only 205/15, whats going on ?
  17. firebass

    Speedometer and vtec not working

    checkk the wiring mate !!!! had lots of issued due to human factor , where they touched my harness , they messed it :D
  18. firebass

    radio antenna reception

    any picture of the result and the equipment ?
  19. firebass

    Best all rounder tyre for the OEM wheels

    i use 195/55/15 in toyo R1R 7 years now , it never dissapointed me in daily or truck <3
  20. firebass

    radio antenna reception

    yo guys i know most of us have bad reception at radio, any ideas what to do ? install aftermarket or is there some maintenance on the OEM ? photos could help