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  1. vk9

    which ecu for jordan b16??

    My friend is soon to purchase a jordan engine to swap into his ek3 . Although he needs to buy an ecu for it. Im fairly sure he needs a jdm ecu and i think obd2. Also im sure the engine is either b16a2 or b16a4. please correct me if I am wrong. can some body help me please. thanks in...
  2. vk9

    really cheap ek9 ?

    I seen this ek9 for sale for £4,444. I wounder why its so cheap , any ideas? Honda Civic Type R Ek9 Light Weight Import Rare Find 4444.00 | Lotus & Honda Cars
  3. vk9

    EK9 estate

    Came across this on the internet the other day , thought it was pretty interesting . Its known as a 'Honda Partner' ....seems this guy made his own Type R version... A stock Honda Partner
  4. vk9

    NEW updated pics of the EJ9 :cool:

    few small updates to my Ej9... before after.. H.I.D 6000k from accessory zone good in the country side! new bits: new konig 15x7 wheels eibach sportline springs ( havent settled in yet ) H.I.D 6000k Mugen Style Front lip (will paint it after winter)...
  5. vk9

    Worst possible 'date' EVER.....

    copied from CL , dunno if any has read this but O-M-G...... just read .... Worst possible "date" ever...I don't even... FML (serios) - Forums
  6. vk9

    MOMO steering wheel boss kit

    Any one got one for sale ?? or know where to get a cheap one? I think the pcd is 6x70mm . thanks :)
  7. vk9

    Prefacelift EK9 Lip (Good replica)

    Hi my freind is looking for a EK9 lip for his ek3 , he doesnt want to cash out for an OEM one so...... Whats the best replica that people have had experience with ?? thanks
  8. vk9

    Ej/ek interior roof light

    I need one as the switch on mine is broken and it flickers horribley... thanks
  9. vk9

    Lower Trail Arm Bushes

    I need a set badly , but dont want to spend to much on them........... any suggestions?
  10. vk9

    6000k vs 8000k HID

    any pics of both temperatures ?? cant decide which looks nicer?
  11. vk9

    New wheels , what are they???>>??

    Just picked up some new wheels for really cheap not sure what they are though , they were advertised as 'Konigs' but im not sure about that... only thing embossed on the back were the letters 'JIL' and 'JAD'. any ideas :confused:
  12. vk9

    Who feels they spend TOO much time on

    I think I do sometimes but is it really a bad thing? I mean we all love civics?
  13. vk9

    Rear Wiper Delete rubber???

    Does any one know where to find these ?? its a small rubber circle to replace where the rear wiper should go :)
  14. vk9

    any one running 195/45/15??

    is any one else running these or is it just me :) pics if availabe :nice:
  15. vk9

    pic request of ek lowered 50mm?

    as above , has any one got a photo of any hatches lowered 50 mm on 15'' wheels? :thanks:
  16. vk9

    good front number plate size??

    Currently im running my car with my number plate in the window :blabla: and i have been pulled over several times so .... im going to buy one of those number plate brackets from tegiwa Civic VTI vtec number plate tilt relocate bracket JDM on eBay (end time 26-Nov-09 11:20:01 GMT) what...
  17. vk9

    MIDLANDS MEET 2010 10th JAN !

    This meet will take place : Sunday 10th January 2010 starting 3pm Location has been changed as it has come to my attention that the original car park is locked Location: Tesco car park ( next to ricoh arena) Off Pheonix way (A444) Coventry CV6 6GE Location on google maps: ricoh arena -...
  18. vk9

    ebay coilovers

    I want some ebay coilovers , as i am very eager to have my car really low . didnt want to use lowering springs as my shocks are really old and soft , and the main reason i dont have alot of money :) these would be used for road use etc . Has any one had any experience with these and what...
  19. vk9

    Midlands meet ?????

    I think we NEED a meet in the midlands area , as i really want to come to the other meets but its too far for me to travel. Let me know who lives in the midlands , we'll arrange something :) VK :thanks:
  20. vk9

    Back box for EJ9

    i need a new back box for my ej9 as mine fell off! i dont have a big budget :S can any one point me in the right direction ? thanks