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    Wheel and Rims

    Hello, What bolt spacing does Civic Type R Use, also what is the preferred offset?
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    Intake Options

    Hi, The majority of intakes I've seen are the J's Racing, the ARC & maybe some sort of drop in filter. Do they have any Cold Air Intakes for the EK9 Civic? I mean that will bring the filter by the bumper?
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    Hi, I'm trippy from Barbados in the Caribbean. I used to own a modified Toyota Starlet GT Turbo, but I sold it because I wanted a newer car and I also wanted to give the EK9 a try. I am really fond of the design for it and the good aftermarket support. I will be hopefully be picking up...
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    Honda Civic Type R Newbie

    Hello, I am currently about to purchase a 2000 Civic Type R (Black) dead stock apart from a amazing ARC Super Induction box, when Vtec comes in at like 6000RPM it sounds amazing.. One consideration is that the car has done 120,000 KM on the clock.. is this a really bad thing? Thanks...