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  1. blas671

    Bride/Seeker bucket seats + Bride rails

    i was on RHDJAPAN last week looking at these rare seats any idea on postage to Germany?
  2. blas671

    Bonnet pins

    can I ask what bonnet you purchased?
  3. blas671

    Vented Bonnet/Hood

    any good reviews on the aerodynamics vented hoods from fulltunning or feineys
  4. blas671

    Honda Civic Ferio Vi-RS

  5. blas671

    Breaking big spec EM1 coupe,high comp b18c,Mfactory,Status,Bc, Sk2

    any idea on postage for status seat to Germany. I'm interested..thanks
  6. blas671

    Vented Bonnet/Hood

    thanks for your input would you happen to have info on these hoods?
  7. blas671

    Newbie from ireland *Jordan No.454*

  8. blas671

    Vented Bonnet/Hood

    wow no answers on here:angry2:
  9. blas671

    WTB 99-00 ek9 facelift Hood/Bonnet

  10. blas671

    New Member from Belgium

    welcome! keep up the great work
  11. blas671

    new from the netherlands

    i love it ! :beer:
  12. blas671

    Vented Bonnet/Hood

  13. blas671

    Vented Bonnet/Hood

    I have been all over the websites and cant seem to find a company that sells vented hoods in Europe. I need help trying to find a store or online website that I can purchase a vented hood from. I am looking for a charge speed or VIS or firstmolding type hoods for 99-00 face lift . thanks
  14. blas671

    Aftermarket Steering wheel

    I got a personal NEO Grinta BLK/red stitched I can send pics via email.
  15. blas671

    Blas671 from Guam to Texas now in Germany USDM EJ ......

    my K1's are up for sale if anyone is interested.
  16. blas671

    Captiva blue eg6 sir crow bumper on

    i would love me a captiva blu eg6^^^^BUMP
  17. blas671

    WTB 99-00 ek9 facelift Hood/Bonnet

    I am in need of a WHITE ek9 facelift hood/bonnet. I am located in Germany so postage would be necessary. Show me what you got. thank you
  18. blas671

    1998 Honda Civic EK9 Type R N1 (race base)

    im curious too, I rember this being up for sale over a year ago , I was very interested in it when I moved to Germany. GLWS